Tuya Zigbee Roller Shade Blind Motor - Hubitat Issues

This is more for other UK users' info than anything else; I recently ordered and received a Zemismart roller blind motor (the type where a gear wheel engages with the existing blind cord to open/close it) from Amazon.co.uk - item as below:

Tuya Roller Shade Blind Motor

The item's model number is M515EGBZTN, although that doesn't seem to be given on any of the ordering pages - only on the device itself once you have it.

The issue with the motor is that despite online guides - and the instruction sheet downloadable from Zemismart's own website - saying otherwise, it's not possible to set the blind's end limits, or do anything else beyond pairing it, given only the motor and its remote. The motor has to be paired to a Tuya hub then configured via their app, and without the end limits set, automated control isn't really practical.

After initial headscratching at the complete lack of response to all attempts to configure the motor via button presses I got in touch with Zemismart support, and they confirmed that those configuration options have been removed in the latest version.

On a complete unrelated note...are there any other blind control systems compatible with Hubitat and available in the UK that anyone can recommend? :thinking:

Side note: FWIW/FYI this AM15 "inside roller tube" Zemismart motor can be fully configured without a Tuya hub. (But is the wrong size for the blind I wanted the M515EGBZTN for.)

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What you want (and should be available to the UK) is the zemismart AM43

Thanks - I'll see what I can track down (the adverts tend to be annoyingly vague, often missing the model number and/or any hint at whether they're Zigbee or WiFi).

Evening, i also bought a EGBZTN variant of the blind motor and have found no way to work out how to set the end limits from hubitat, or from the device itself. If you work it out, please let me know!

You do it from the unit itself. If it's the same as the AM43 this is how it's done

You do it from the unit itself. If it's the same as the AM43 this is how it's done

Unfortunately those sequences definitely don't work for this model (despite equivalents being on its downloadable manual on Zemismart's own website). After trying them, and various others, with no results I contacted the supplier and they confirmed with Zemismart that in the latest version of the product none of the configuration options could be done via motor or remote buttons.

Pretty much the only thing that can be done via the motor is putting it into Zigbee pairing mode.

The only option I know of for setting it up is to use an actual Tuya hub, then pair it back to Hubitat.

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Unfortunately that's my experience too - those instructions dont work, and actually contradict the instructions for the unit i bought. Holding the 'set' button for 3s turns the unit off or on. I'm sure that with some thought a driver could be made to set the limits, given the Tuya app does it, but that's beyond me for now....

I've managed to work around the issue in my automations as the limits already set in the device (I bought it 2nd hand) are wider than those that I want. So I command the blind position to 0 for open, and 82 for closed using the driver by @amosyuen in this post: [RELEASE] Zemismart Zigbee Blind Driver

The blind then moves to the right open / closed positions in my automations which command a set position, however the open / close buttons on the device still drive the blind further than I want.

Can you return it and get an AM43?

Can you return it and get an AM43?

Yes and no; I've been unable to get a clear answer on whether the same supplier could provide an AM43 (none of their Amazon UK pages have any product numbers), but as it turns out they've refunded me for the M515EGBZTN without the need for a return.

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UK link

Will ship to UK

Is your model this one? :
If you look at the Data section, is the Manufacturer _TZE200_xuzcvlku ?

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For M515EGBZTN you can try the "ZemiSmart Battery Vertical Blind Motor" driver published by @marcusvrsilva here:

I'm afraid it was a used ebay purchase.... Still, it was cheap :slight_smile:

Thanks, I'll give that a go to see if I have more luck setting the limits.

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That's the model - at least as far as model numbers go; the button sequences to set the limits don't work on the actual device I have, though.

This is what's in the Data section:

  • manufacturer: _TZE200_gubdgai2

Thanks for the driver link - will give that a try.

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Unfortunately, your model is different than mine. So it may behave differently in regards to both the limits setup and commands.

In all the cases, however, the key is to set the upper and lower positions limits. The limits are always set locally from the motor keys, just the keypress combinations may be different.... and Zemismart instructions are really awful ...

Definitely, the limits are not set from Zigbee commands, even when the motor is controlled from Tuya zigbee gateway and SmartLife app. I checked a lot of comments in other forums, no one is mentioning that a Tuya gateway is needed for a successful configuration of the limits.

MarcusVR's driver does not work very well with my device model. Open / Close PresetPositions work most of the time, but sometimes the device does not react on Open or Close commands, until the Preset (50%) is pressed.

I can only agree with that - unclear diagrams and rather confused English (still far better than my Chinese, mind!) means there's a strong element of guesswork getting anything working,

Definitely, the limits are not set from Zigbee commands

I'm less sure about that; there may not be a standard Zigbee command in play, but the app talks to the hub via WiFi and the hub to the motor via Zigbee, so if a button press on the app results in a limit being set, how does that happen on the motor other than via Zigbee?

Full disclosure: after getting a refund on the motor I used part of it to buy a Tuya hub (they're less than Β£30, and next day delivery from several suppliers) and have now paired my blind to that, set limits (and direction) with the app, re-paired it to my Hubitat and now is all working well with that setup. I'm using Amos Yuen's driver (as mentioned by @c.j.winter above, link here) and so far so good, although it is early days.

FWIW while trying to find button sequences that'd work for me I came across a good number of posts in various places saying "there just aren't any, you need the Tuya hub" for one motor or another, although of course it's impossible to be sure whether there really weren't any in each case or they were there but undiscoverable.

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My model M515EGBZTN (Manufacturer: _TZE200_xuzcvlku) when paired to Tuya Zigbee hub does not show any options to set up the limits. The only option available is 'Reverse'. Sadly, this is just another Tuya oddity - one and the same model by different manufacturers behave differently :frowning:

Amos Yuen's driver didn't show the current blind position ( 0%..100%), I had to modify some code.
Is the position updated correctly with your device?

@ian3 I'm in the UK and went through the same issues. I bought that same model as you initially from Amazon and couldn't get it working properly. In the end I ordered one from AliExpress - I got the AM45. It doesn't work perfect for me with the driver but it's fine in my automations.

I'd not used AliExpress before and was a bit reluctant, but I had no issues. I think I paid about Β£50

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