Tuya Smart Human Presence Sensor Micromotion Detect Human Motion Detector ZigBee (TS0601 _TZE204_sxm7l9xa)

Will this device work on a C7?

Tuya Smart Human Presence Sensor Micromotion Detect Human Motion Detector ZigBee

There is a huge thread, go there and check your model number and Zigbee_ID as Tuya has many, many firmware versions. It will likely work. Mine sends tons of messages

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I need some help with the Tuya present sensor I just purchased. I can't seem to set it to react to motion/non-motion. It included without problems. I set the driver to This 4 in 1. Added it to Alexa and set up a routine to test. I kept getting a lot of event messages so changed the hub mesh to 5 mim. That seemed to work so far. The set motion I've set to active.
But how do I set the device settings to it see movement and lack of movement?



Please post a screenshot of the device page 'Data' section (I need the model and the manufacturer).

It included as tuya scene switch I changed it to 4 in 1

It's a new manufacturer of the black square mmWave radar, I will add it to the driver later tonight and will notify you when ready.

This device is extremely spammy ... I did set up a warning in the first post, but TBH don't remember how long ago I wrote the warning.

Thanks for your help

I have now updated the "4 in 1" driver to include the fingerprint for the new device.

Let me know if it works now, you will need to click on "Initialize" button.

I'll take care of it as soon as I get home.
Thanks again for your help!

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Yes it's working now, but your correct. It keeps sending battery status events. Any way to stop this? Why add this to the code, it's plugged in?

Its not battery events, but even more stupid and unnecessary things - like how is the annoying LED configured, home many seconds have passed from the last presence detection, how many seconds have passed since the last inactive state, etc... and all this is sent every 4 seconds! I am speechless, I can't understand how it is possible that an excellent 24GHz mmWave module is compromised like that by badly written firmware in the final product ... :frowning:

Unfortunately, these automatic reports can not be disabled, or at least I have found no way and no information on the net.

Are you seeing something in the debug logs related to the battery? I will review the code tomorrow, this thing stays in my junk drawer since the time I realized how badly it behaves... It is possible that in the later versions of the driver, I have added something that I shouldn't be there.

Yes, your right it's spamming everything now.
So I wasted my money.

I just emailed customer service at Tuya. It probably won't help but I wait and see. I'll let you know of any response.

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I bet the answer will be 'This device requires a Tuya hub'.
This device produces absolutely the same spamming when paired to the Tuya Zigbee hub (I have sniffed the Zigbee communication to their own hub), but I suppose they don't care.

What a way to run a business :-1:

This device is actually produced not by Tuya, but by some of the hundreds of small companies that use the Tuya IoT development platform for the development, and then the Tuya SmartLife Cloud services to push the product extremely fast on the consumers market. And this market is huge, there are literally millions of users that control no more than a dozen smart devices using the Tuya cloud app.

Here's the reply from Tyua

We appreciate your contact with the support team.

  1. You can turn off reminder notifications for items you don't need to be reminded on the device's settings page.

  2. You can specify a certain device to be in do not disturb mode for a certain day and a certain period of time in the do not disturb notification setting in the app notification.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I've tried to connect to WIFI but can't get it to connect.

I just received my Tuya presence sensor a Tuya ZG-205Z which also seems to detect illumination. Once I had figured it doesn't work with a standard USB c cable but works fine with the provided cable it paired easily and was immediately allocated the Tuya 4 in 1 driver as device profile TS0225_2AAELWXK_RADAR The Motion sensor has been very good quickly detecting motion and is unaffected by obstacles which is great. What is less obvious is the breathing detection as it only seems to detect movement and not someone remaining static.

I had to restore and use the older driver from a restore point- driverVersion : 1.4.4 2023/08/18 10:43
And switch back to - *deviceProfile : TS0601_YXZBRB58_RADAR

Every once in a while it turns off the light when in the room.
It worked perfect right out of the box, then I started changing settings and I should have left it alone. I ordered 3 more, may have been a mistake.

Tuya Human Presence Detector SXM7L9XA

Getting this debug. I don't know how to repair