Tuya motion sensor driver


i just purchased the below toya zigbee 3.0 motion sensor.

i managed to pair it with hubitat but i cant find a good enough driver .

i tried the "generic zigbee motion sensor (no temp)" with no success.

any recomendation for a driver ?

i currently use mostly the xiaomi motion sensor with a driver from this forum with no issue.
i wanted to try the above sensor since they are cheaper .

thx in advance

I tried the driver for Konga motion sensor and it seems to work with the movement detection. But the battery level is not reported.

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Can't find it.
is it a built in driver ?

probably means this one

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Thanks. That's the one.

Maybe change the title to Tuya rather than Toya to help with searches! This is a great post and very helpful. Don't want it to be missed when people search for "Tuya"!


You are right thank you i have changed it

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Hi @sagi.bracha.
Did you get this to work?
If so, which driver are you using.

Yes looks like it is working for me .
I had to delete the device and link it again for the driver to work but now all is working.

THX :slight_smile:

Great news. These look nice. What's their performance like? Range? Angle of dangle? Timeout time?

Not the Tuya sensor that was tested for use with the Generic Zigbee (No temp) driver, so that makes sense that it’s not working with it.

However, that looks identical to the Konke (perhaps Tuya manufactures it for them), so it makes sense that you’re having success with the Konke driver.

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Hi @sagi.bracha
I managed to get mine working using the Konke driver.
It's working ok with it but I am getting some errors in the logs.
Are you getting any?

Question to who owns this sensor.
I'm thinking to get this sensor for its mini size.
However, the battery cover is on the back, so how do you mount it?

Mine is mounted on it's back with double sided tape supplied.
The double sided tape, should you decide to use it, means the back cover of the device is stuck fast and you twist the device case to remove it for battery changes etc.

Any comments on detection angle - specs say 120degrees - but it's a 360degree 'lens' - can it be ceiling mounted and detect in all directions/360 degrees so long as you're within the 120degree cone underneath?

Yes it looks from the spec's like it's a circular 360 deg cone with a 120 deg angle vertex so that, from a ceiling mounting, it can cover the centre of the room outwards. Would be interested to see if anyone has experience of mounting it like that yet...


is it possible for a 360° detection? Or is it more like 180°? :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh? Draw a circle on the floor. How many degrees is it? I think you'll find it's a whole 360 lol. The device covers 360 degrees within a 120 degree vertex cone.

I think he means in the vertical plane (the device can't see behind it).

yep, and normaly ppl do go off the field of view of the device.

even if I draw a cirkel on the floor i can't seem to see 360°... but yeah i can see that cirkel in my 200-220° field of view...
2 facts my friend...

  1. it's not because you see a 360° drawing on the floor you have a 360° view... granted with kids that would be nice
  2. " Detection Angle: 120° " is right there in the Specifications :smiley: