[Release] Konke Zigbee Motion Sensor Driver

I've put up a driver for Konke ZigBee 3.0 Motion Sensor (based on code posted on Konke motion sensor).


  • Configure battery reporting (between 2 and 12 hours - these limits determined by trial and error)
  • Configure inactivity timeout
  • Reset button fires an event
  • Battery levels hard-coded for simplicity to a working range of 2.5V-3V

Let me know if you find any issues with the driver.

The code:


Do you find that its working well for sending Active and Inactive in a mostly realtime fashion? All the previous threads called that out as the biggest issue (being very delayed, or never sending inactive state)?

I love how minimal they are, and wouldn't mind adding some as secondary sensors to augment motion zones if they're working well now.

FWIW, from @muxa's code, it would appear the default inactivity timeout is 16 seconds, with the hardware reset occurring at 15 seconds after the last motion active is sent, which is pretty darn quick compared to most motion sensors out there.

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I am yet to test how reliable this motion sensor is in terms of pickup up motion and sending an event, however I did find that that it's less sensitive to Xiaomi motion sensor. Not sure it sensitivity difference is due to position/lighting.

I'll test this my using this motion sensor as a trigger to switch of the light, observe it for a week or two and report the findings.


I have ordered 3 of the Konke Motion sensors from Banggood and should be here is a week or 2 so hopefully they will be reliable.

I received my Konke sensor today, I can't seem to get it to ever show inactive. I'm getting the following error in the logs.

I just paired my own Konke, but I mostly see errors in my logs:

I bought this one a while back, so perhaps I have an older version ?

Any advise ?

I just received a Konke motion sensor as well . I was overwhelmed by the voluminous technical information provided with the sensor ( aka NONE).

Anyway I am using the built in generic Zigbee motion sensor driver. I've received NO inactive messages (based on active logs) only active messages. And battery % messages, no errors yet.

I came to the conclusion that this motion sensor only reports active. I had read earlier that the motion sensor is capable of reporting active as soon as 16 seconds after the 1st.
I've not tested it yet but I believe the designers viewed this activity function as a trigger, not a state. Kind of like an RM4 trigger "..... becomes movement..."

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This is correct. I briefly looked at @muxa's driver. It sets motion to be inactive at 16 seconds, but the device itself only reports motion active.

I've pushed version 1.0.2 to GitHub, it should fix those errors: hubitat/konke-zigbee-motion-sensor.groovy at master · muxa/hubitat · GitHub

After a few days of testing here are my observations:

  1. When motion is detected the devices sends an event to the hub
  2. When motion continues the devices does not send additional events for motion
  3. When motions stops the devices does not send an event to the hub
  4. After motion has stopped and enough time has passed (15 seconds?) the devices will be ready to detect motion (effectively starting with #1)

This this motion sensor is not reliable and should not be used in "high traffic" area.
A good use for it might be in a mail box to detect mail or parcels.


I have 3 of these coming and I am worried they not going to work well after reading this thread. Do the Xiaomi motions sensors report inactivity or are they the same as these? Which of the 2 would work better(sorry just trying to see where I can use these if they are not very good?)

P.S. What is the downfall of this not reporting on inactive,if you use it for motion lighting will it never turn the light off?

Yes, they report inactivity.

Xiaomi sensors are quite good, however their main disadvantage is that they don't follow Zigbee standard. That's why there's no official drivers for them.

I had mixed experience with them: a couple of the devices are pretty solid and had never disconnected on me, however most other Xiaomi sensors eventually get disconnected and I have to re-pair them, which is really annoying. That's why I'm trying to find something more reliable. Unfortunately Konke Motion Sensors is not going to good all-round motion sensor.

The problem is that you may still have motion in the room, but the light will be turned off because the driver would think there's no more motion.

I'm still using the built in Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor, choosing to start slowly.

I have had the sensor in an unused drawer since late afternoon of the 28th.
I am getting active reports I feel should not occur. I'll cover the sensor but keep it in a drawer.

Here are my logs (in a drawer, no secondary cover):

image .

Thanks for the driver. I ended up sending mine back. I really liked the look and size of these sensors, but it just wasn't going to work for me.

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Hi all, what is the procedure to get these configured for this driver? I inadvertently got one working but now have 6 more that are paired but aren’t cooperating. For example, for the status there is no “motion” under state variables.

I’ve hit configure (while having this driver selected) but they don’t seem to take it.

Ok - answering my own post - what I ended up having to do is reconfigure them as 'generic zigbee motion' sensors. Once they started reporting I was able to swap back to this driver and configure again. All is well.

How does the device pairing method, I tried a lot, but to no avail

I am using your driver version 1.0.2, and I am seeing a lot of these messages in the logs, can you help please?

These are my device ID's:
Konke Sensor-Id

How does the device pairing method, I tried a lot, but to no avail
stop pairing

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