Tuya illuminance sensor driver for hubitat


I am looking for a driver for tuya illuminance sensor.

I have looked around but i could not find it.

thank you for your help

You can try this driver. It is not made exactly for this device, but it may work. If not, please post some debug logs while the illumuninance is changed,

Also this driver : https://www.drdsnell.com/projects/hubitat/drivers/Tuya%20Multi%20Sensor.groovy

Thank you kkossev for your reply.

I have tried both but no reading.

here is a debug list while covering the sensor and then releasing

Can you post a screenshot of the device Model and Manufacturer data values (from the device web UI 'Data' section) ?

Update the "Tuya Temperature Humidity Illuminance LCD Display with a Clock" driver from this temporary link.
Then in the preferences section configure the 'Model Group' as AUBESS and press Save.
Let me know if the illuminance is decoded correctly.
Also, put the sensor on a more intensive light source, there is a reading that I assumed to be the battery level, but it may be what Aubess call 'Gear position: low light, medium light, "high" light'
Post the debug logs again

Hi Kkossev,

thank you for your prompt reply.

the model number in the device UI is

here is the outcome. I have done what you have requested. I got the following
I have tried the two options for tuya TS0601 but it did not give me the illuminance value. then I tried Aubess it gave me the illuminance value but it is either 0 or 1.
when i cover the sensor the value changes to 0 and when i put the sensor directly under the flash of my mobile it reads 1.

then i moved it under the sunlight the value did not change it stayed 1

i also got the following messages

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Thanks, I will check again some hours later.

Can you update the driver with the new code and test again?
I think I found and corrected the problem (this model is reporting the illuminance values in Lux directly, while other sensors report the so-called 'raw value').

Also, if you remove the device and pair it again, HE should now find the driver automatically.

Hi Kkossev,

I have done what you have said. when i cover the device with my hand the lux reads 0 when i expose the sensor to a room light it reads a large value. the range of this sensor is between 0.1 to 8300
the device id is 987

Hi Kkossev,

I also find something interesting.

when you cover the device you get the value 0
when it is exposed to the room light it will read large value as previously shown.
if i move my hand over it the value drops a different value than toe 100000000000

so my conclusion is the sensor is very sensitive as what they say about it .

also the value i am getting is always multiple of 10 . like 1000000 10000 1000000000 and so on. there is no other numbers

It's a bug.. :frowning: Hold on, I am sending an update.

The code is updated, can you try again with the new version?

(the error code in red will disappear when you 'Remove Device' from the web UI and pair it again. This is a remaining from other previous driver).

Hi kkossev,

here is my update.

now i reading different values here is what i have done.
when i cover the sensor it will read 0
when i remove my hand and i am sitting in a well lighted room the value is 17 as shown in the list
i took my phone and i put the flash light over it directly it went up to 1000.

I do not think this room is only 17
and the flashof my phone is extremely bright. why it does not go over 1000.

now i took my phone and i move it up and down over the sensor and the values are changing as listed below.
do you think that these values must be multiplied by 10?

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You can read about the same 0 ... 1000 issue with this type of sensor here :

Unfortunately, Tuya is sending the actual Lux value already 'converted' to something using their own formula...

What can be done in the driver is to add a correction coefficient - a number that the returned value will be multiplied by.

Do you have any other illuminance sensors that you can trust and you can compare the values with?

Other than this suspicious Lux value, the sensor seems to react very fast!

@user3 The measurement unit must be 'lx' (illuminance), not "lux'' !


So what I must change in the driver is the illuminance unit, which was wrong...
See also here: ( the table "Indoor Light Levels" )

Hi KKossev,

I am surprised that they did not say that in their specs.

But, thank you very much for all the effort you had put in to solve this issue.

I have to think twice on what to do. I was planning to use this sensor as a back up sensor of the illuminance value that i get from weathermap reading if my internet went down.
i might spend some time comparing the reading at different times of the day and corollate the reading from weatehrmap to the sensor and do some calculation.

I am new to hubitat but i will see if i can do mathematical formulas in the rules.

if not, then this sensor will go to history drawer. :slight_smile:

thank you again for all your help.

You so fast in replies. :slight_smile: so are you going to change the driver again?

if you are up to for another challenge on one of your drivers for tuya siren. i have used your driver but siren does not respond to anything.

so i found one driver and i am using it but it does not do that much like strobe or siren selection. it is either on of off for a specified time.
here is the tuya siren i have this siren

Looks like this sensor is not suitable for outdoor measurements.. :frowning:
This sensor however seems to work OK :

When I put it close to a LED bulb it shows 40000 Lux

Not today :slight_smile: Whether the measurement unit is 'lux' or 'lx' is not of a critical importance,

I will look on the Zigbee siren in the next days.


thank you.

do not worry too much about this light sensor. i can live without it.

have a good day.

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Hi Kkessev,

Hope my message finds you well. I received the new temperature and humidity sensor and i installed it using your driver. i get every 5 minutes the temperature from the sensor and this is what they say.
but i am not getting the humidity reading
can you help me again?

thank you