Tuya illuminance sensor driver for hubitat

Hi again,

This sensor seems to use standard Zigbee clusters reporting, so probably there is no need to use the Tuya custom driver....

Please try the inbuilt HE driver "Generic Zigbee Motion/Humidity Sensor" and let me know if it works.

Hi KKossev,

Good News...
Your driver worked like a charm.

I have noticed that when there is a big change like more than 2 deg in the reading the sensor provides the data every 5 minutes.
so i left it overnight and i have noticed that if the temperature is constant the sensor will provide the reading every 30 minutes.

I was wondering are the above conditions in your code or it is the sensor. i will keep using your driver.

Sorry I was not patient enough.

Hi KKossev,

I was wondering if there is a possibility to add the battery reading to the code?

Hi KKossev,

the generic driver gives back the values but i am getting other messages with it. it is device ID is 988

Hi @user3 ,
I am glad that the driver worked for you. From what I have found on the Web, these sensors behave exactly as you describe - they send temperature updates every 30 minutes, and only if the temperature change is greater than 0.5 degrees - then the update is sent sooner. These are device settings, can not be controlled or configured from the driver. Typically, almost all Tuya sensors have hardcoded reporting parameters into their firmware and can not be configured from the hub.

If the battery reading does not show up, leave the Debug option turned on for one day and then go to device 988 log page and search for any text that contains 'battery'. The driver already supports the known ways to decode battery levels, but with Tuya devices you never know..

Hi KKossev,

Hope you are doing great.

I have turned on the debug option but i do no think it will provide the battery ststus. i will run it for one day. by the way the debug option will be disabled after 24 hours as what i am getting after i enable it.

on the other hand, i mentioned about the siren that i discussed with you earlier. i am using the generic zigbee siren but i am getting the following error

and the worst part, the siren will turn on on the same time the error happens every day.

so what do you suggest?

thank you.

BTW: i like your drivers you make. it is solid. i wish you can modify the siren driver to use it with my tuya siren.

thank you and have a nice day

Hi @user3 ,
In the past days I was working on other already started projects, I need to finish these before I can start new one. For the Tuya Siren new device support, please write in this thread, as the topic and the thread subject here is different.