Time to install the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-wave Thermostat? Any tricks or tips?

The rest of my system has been solid for over a week! It is now time to include the thermostat into the hub. I purchased this unit after reading about it here. It seems that it works really well.

I hope that it will be a simple inclusion.

Any tips or tricks to this unit? Apps I should be using? I appreciate your time and help.

Model is TH6320ZW2003

I have 4 and they have worked really well for me with Hubitat. I seem to remember pairing them without the battery installed and then adding the batteries in after pairing. I think that was recommended so that it includes as a mains powered device. This is assuming your thermostat wiring includes a common wire. Some of my locations lacked a common wire, but I pulled new wire and added it.

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Use this driver:


Excellent! I will include with mains power so it acts as a repeater and then install batteries once it's all online. Thanks!

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Will do! Thanks!

Turn on ISU 300 so that auto works..

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looking into isu300 for auto. thanks

I am new to this. I have this thermostat. I have figured out how to download the driver. What do I do after that? Would be simpler if Hubitat offered a driver for Honeywell. I guess since they don't, I could use more direction after getting the driver copied.

There is a built-in driver for this thermostat. In addition, it works with the built-in Generic Z-Wave Plus Thermostat driver.

The custom driver indicated in this thread is not necessary to use this thermostat with Hubitat.

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Okay that is good to know. When I go to apps, I don’t see any thermostat ap other than ecobee. I debated just getting an ecobee since the ap is already created.

Can you explain at a high level how I can utilize the driver already created to control my Honeywell?

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Where are you at with your z-wave network? It's pretty easy to add it to a dashboard. At first I kept forgetting to add the device to the dashboard app (room) and then add the tile. Alternatively, you can just control it through the device list. I have had zero issues with these thermostats. They rock.

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As mentioned, the custom/advanced/user-created driver is not necessary.

Of the built-in drivers, I would recommend the 'generic' one over the T6-specific version.

This one:


The built-in driver is for the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat. Do you have this thermostat?

If you have the T6 Pro Z-Wave thermostat, the appropriate built-in driver will automatically be selected when you add the thermostat to Hubitat via Z-wave inclusion.

Or do you have a Honeywell T6 WiFi thermostat?

If you have the T6 WiFi thermostat, then you can use a community integration from @csteele to add it to Hubitat. You can get his driver along with instructions over here:


I do have that thermostat. The controls I set weren’t working, I think I figured it out. I was trying to use Apple home kit at the same time. It had different automations and I think they were overlapping. Automating via Apple home kit seems to suck, although the user interface is great. It doesn’t have the functionality it needs though for temperature ranges. Changing the temperature settings in the Hubitat seemed more technical and less user friendly interface but maybe it would run better that way.

I also never understood why in the apps I have a thermostat temperature and thermostat scheduler. I don’t understand how they work together. I wish the Honeywell had its own app like if you had an ecobee they have a specific ap for that unit. And not just the driver, so it’s more specific to it I would guess?

You don't need a separate app to control that thermostat. Once installed, add it to your dash if you want to manually control it otherwise use rules to set your temp. The only recommendation I will make is set #ISU 300 to on on the thermostat so you get the auto option in the driver/status

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It is unclear whether @Swarbs10 has the WiFi or zwave version of T6.

And also unclear whether they have connected it to Hubitat or not.


you're right. I just assumed he had the T6 z-wave pro

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Z wave. Yes connected to Hubitat. That part was fairly easy.

I do.

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