ThirdReality Door Sensor?

Has anyone paired a Third Reality zigbee door sensor? I bought it because a few people on Amazon said it paired right up but I can't get it to pair. I've tried:

  • factory reset device
  • reboot hub
  • powered off hub and back on again
  • downloaded latest version
  • removed and reinstalled device batteries
  • various combinations of the above

Using DCHP
plugged into Ethernet on router (also tried LAN port on router)
Hardware version: Rev C-7

I must say this is the most frustrating product I've purchased in I don't know how long. Considering returned the hub.

This contact sensor? If so, I use one out in my garage -- it works like champ. I don't recall any issues with it pairing. I just use the stock "Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp)" driver.

How's your zigbee mesh - do you have repeaters in between to ensure the 3rd Reality sensor is getting a good path to the hub?


I do not have any of the Third Reality sensors, but they are one of the few that state their compatibility within the Hubitat Elevation framework.

Usually what I do when pairing Zigbee devices is to put Hubitat into pairing mode and then put the Zigbee device into pairing mode when I am about 20 ft from the hub. Then I walk towards the hub until it connects. That normally happens somewhere between 10-15 ft from the hub.

What Zigbee channel is your hub using? I think channel 20 is the one most used by forum members. Some people use channel 25. If you are using some other channel, you might be getting interference from your WiFi Router since both share a similar bandwidth. You might want to use a WiFi scanner app on your cell phone to determine which WiFi channels are in use on the 2.4 gHz network. I pick up not only my own router, but neighbors as well.

" I just use the stock "Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp)" driver." tried that
no mesh yet just trying to set up one and the first sensor

Thanks. I was on channel 20. Tried 25 and 15 still no go. rebooted after each channel change.

At what distance from the hub?

It is generally recommended to setup up zigbee repeaters/routers before adding end devices. From the Hubitat Documentation:

one foot

Then something is wrong.

Tagging @support.

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lol - I agree. Wish I knew what. Thank you for the support tag.

Do you have any other zigbee devices handy? To test the hub's radio with?

Pairing one sensor shouldn't be this challenging, so I understand your frustration. Do you happen to see a message in the upper corner saying that your Zigbee radio is offline? Also, as @aaiyar suggested, do you have another device to try to see if that pairs?


I only have the 3 pack of third reality contact sensors.

Do you mean "ZigBee network is not online?" That is the message.


At least we know why zigbee devices won't pair to your new C-7. Maybe the engineering logs will help @bobbyD and @support_team figure out why the zigbee radio is offline.

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Bobby FTW, once again! :slight_smile: Good call.

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1 foot might be a little close. That is the reason I start out further away and walk toward the hub when pairing battery powered sensors. At some point, you will be at just the right distance to get a great connection.

The device has to have a great connection to transfer all the information to complete the pairing. Once the device is paired, it can get by with a lesser signal.

Can you post a screen shot of this section of your Zigbee Details screen:

All is working. I did as somebody suggested and it worked and I finally got the device showing:

  • disabled the radio
  • unplugged the hub
  • waited one minute
  • plugged the hub back in
  • enabled the radio

I can't find the post now. I think I got a hint from danabw (thank you) about the radio being offline and googled that and found the above steps.


You might want to monitor your resources though in case you have some sort of memory leak or other resource issue. When things get tight sometimes the Zigbee service can shut down among other things.

You can install this awesome driver and/or look at the logs..

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I wish I could take credit but think that was probably @bobbyD.


Glad you're up and running.

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