Thermostat Scheduler with Moe's House TRV

Hi guys, I've bought a Moes house TRV as a bit of a trial and it seems to be working well.

I've tried to schedule time and temps with the built in HE Thermostat Scheduler and this also seems to work fine.

However, if I attempt to override the temperature on the TRV, the temperature revers back to the desired temperature within the Thermostat Scheduler app .

Eg, see test scenario attached. The temp changes to 27 degrees at 20:50 in the app. If I override this to 21 degrees on the TRV at 20:55 for example, the app automatically reverts the temperature back to 27 degrees.

I can't seem to work around this. Does anyone have an ideas?

Please post a screenshot of the 'Manual thermostat settings' page.
Anything in the Thermostat Scheduler logs? (make sure 'Enable logging' is switched on)

@stueyhughes I reproduced the issue - the Thermostat Scheduler is switching the eTRV into 'auto' mode, which is mapped in the driver to the eTRV internal schedule/programming mode. 'Auto' thermostatMode is OK for the 'classic' thermostats, but has another meaning for the Thermostatic Radiator Valves.... so probably the change must be in the eTRV driver to map the 'auto' mode to 'heat'

As a temporary workaround, you can switch the ' Force Manual Mode' option on in the driver that you use for your Moes TRV.

Hi at @kkossev I use this driver but have no clue how I would force manual mode on are you able to help me please

It is in the Preferences section :

You are probably using an older version of the driver. Although this option exists from the first version, it may be a good idea to update to the latest one (the second link in the first post) .

Thanks for this. Appreciated! I'll give it a go and report back :+1:

EDIT - unfortunately this didn't work

Can you PM me with screenshots of your TRV settings? ( the 'Current States' and the 'State Variables' ).

The Thermostat Scheduler app is working just fine with my setup here. It automatically changes the heating setpoint at the scheduled time, then if I change the TRV temperature manually from the device touch-screen it retains the manually set temperature until the setpoint is changed at the next scheduled period... as expected.

Hi there and thanks in advance for your help. I would expect it to work as you've described but unfortunately not. See attached as requested

Seems like the Thermostat Scheduler app sends the current heating setpoint to the device every time you open the app to do something (just look at the schedule for example).

Make sure you have the Thermostat Scheduler app web UI closed in all tabs in your browser.
Manually change the temperature from your TRV touch screen,

Then you can review your device Events :

heatingSetpoint is the event that changes the TRV set temperature. You should recognize the date and the time when you manually changed the heating setpoint.
There should be no other heatingSetpoint events, until the time for the next scheduled period temperature change comes ( assuming no more manual changes are done later from the device itself or from the device web page or from HE dashboard or from any other possible application or interface)... You can check all applications that could potentially change the heating setpoint at the bottom of your TRV web UI :

You can also review the past logs of the Thermostat scheduler:

Cross-checking the TRV events and Thermostat Scheduler logs you could link the temperature setpoint change to the TS activities.

Thanks so much for this. Unbelievably, I was opening the TS app and when it was refreshing, it was overriding my manual changes. I should have foreseen this because it's completely logical but I guess I couldn't see the wood for the trees.

Bizarrely my testing paradoxically had the reverse effect :thinking:

I'm somewhat embarrassed but thanks so much for supporting me through this.

The community comes up trumps again!

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Hello i got the Mosehouse TVR and trying to get them working white myt C7 but I can't finde any HE Thermostat Scheduler, What devices do I has to use to controle my TVR from Mosehouse

You can use the built-in Thermostat Schedulers app:

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I like the Moe's valve because it displays the current room temp when you illuminate the display. The downside is that the touch screen is fiddly and it's easy for my kids to change the settings by accident. This gives zero WAF.

I prefer the valves which have a rotatable head which alters the display such as the aqara E1. However, the E1 does not display the room temperature or if it's calling for heat so you don't know if if it's satisfied or not.

Does anyone know of a ZigBee valve which it rotatable and shows the room temperature or if it's calling for heat?

Aqara E1 calling for heat ( this is the thermostatOperatingState - 'idle' or 'heating') is something that I am working on at the moment, the updated driver will be available soon.

Cheers @kkossev. Am I right in thinking that the actual valve doesn't display when it's calling or satisfied?

I appreciate HE dashboards will? Appreciated in advance...Stu

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Observe the thermostatOperatingState :

When the TRV valve is opened, it should change to 'heating' and Hubitat dashboard tile should be colored in red :


You could use the thermostratOperatingState to control the hot water boiler from RM5 rule, etc..

Thanks for this, cheers! I understand but I don't think the actual valve head shows when it's calling for heat does it?

I'm not entirely sure I understand. Could you please provide more details?

I think he is looking for the Valve head itself to give an indication when the 'Set Temp' is higher than the 'Measured Temp' - e.g., On/Off or Open/Closed at the Valve.

Yes, there is an indicator :


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