The best wireless keypad?


Are you sure that's the "L2," i.e., model 3405-L2? The -L/-L2 models are historically CentraLite, and the iMagic ones are the new "v3" Iris products. The model number for the iMagic keypad is showing as IL021 on Lowe's site. The post above yours suggests some features work with the CentraLite driver, but being a different manufacturer, it's possible (likely?) they'll need to make some adjustments for it to work fully. You could start by changing the driver so it's not just a "Device," though if the stock drivers aren't adequate that will only get you so far.


It's the v3, IL021 . I wondered where the lMagic crept into the mix, didn't know they'd done v3.


So, what was the verdict on the V3 that @DeveloperDavidB had shown the pics of. I was about to buy on at Lowes but wanted to check if it was fully supported like the V2.


@mike.maxwell mentioned he was going to pick one up and make sure it works properly. That's good enough for me. I picked up a second one today. Until it has full support I will use my dashboard to arm and the keypads to disarm.


Okay. I'll hold off...they're not on sale or anything at the moment anyway. And a few of the lowes in my area have a couple in stock. So, I can wait. I've bought enough Iris motion/contact sensors and outlets for the time being. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea I probably wouldn't have bought the second one yet except I noticed they only had one left, so got the last one.


Yeah, I have a v2 but it's at the door out to my garage, next to the fridge, so it doesn't stick out too far. But i'm looking for one for the front door and the v3 just looks so much nicer. I figured I'd pick it up instead. It's funny can find the V2 on Amazon no problem but the V3 is hard to come by.


So this is my first week with HE after migrating most of my ST devices. It's been fun!

I saw this thread and decided to pick up an Iris v2 as I planned to try out HSM. Dumb question, if all my family members have Life360 and I'm using the great Precense Central app, is there a need for a wireless keypad for arming and disarming? I suppose it would be helpful for non-family members that enter the home like a cleaning woman? Just wondering, thanks.


Just like you say, we’re using Life360 and have the v2 keypad near the front door for guests and for the occasional time I get into the house before Presence has been detected.
As a comparison, I’m going to look into using ‘Locative’ as has been suggested elsewhere. ‘Locative’ is on iOS.


I can't use presence for arming because there is almost always someone at my house. Even when my wife and I are not home. Nanny with the kids, or house cleaner, etc. I also use the keypad if HSM is armed Home / Stay in the middle of the night, and we need to let the dog out.