The best wireless keypad?

Hi all,

I'm looking at adding a wireless keypad to my smart environment. I'm a HE and ST user in the UK.

I have been researching and have concluded on these three:

  • Centralite 3400
  • Xfinity TCH/UEI
  • Iris

So far I'm drawn to the Xfinity TCH/UEI due to the convenience of AA batteries and the completely white fascia, however I'm conscious that the Centralite 3400 has a proximity sensor to automatically light the keypad and appears to be what Xfinity also advertise now. I'm put off the Iris a little due to the different arming buttons.

Does anyone know the differences between these keypads and which one is the best? Do these three work with the built-in HE driver?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I have 2 of them, Iris 3405-L and Centralite 3400, honestly, do not get the Iris, it's ugly and it doesn't work well with HE, maybe now works fine but it's ugly.

Iris is Centralite rebranded keypad, both keypad basically do the same, but different shapes, different way to disable, Iris must press code + off, Centralite just the code, Iris has a panic button, Cent doesn't.

I saw the Xfinity one, it was very cheap but cheap looks.

I just took this picture to show you both:

the astute will notice that both are indeed made by centralite (rotate one of them 180 degrees and compare)...

this one I'm not familiar with and no idea if it will work with the keypad driver that we have.
The two that vjv posted pictures of (2xCR123A batteries) were used while developing the driver for HE.

lol well played sir..

Thanks @vjv for your detailed reply and @mike.maxwell for confirming the driver compatibility.

I've proceeded to order the Centralite 3400 and two CR123A batteries in anticipation!

For anyone that's not familiar with the Xfinity TCH/UEI keypad here's a picture:


Ever since they released the driver for the iris keypad and added support in the hubitat safety monitor app, my iris keypad works fine.

What’s not working with yours?

Personally, I don’t think it’s ugly, or particularly good looking. It’s just a keypad. I wish it was thinner though.

For some reason, when I tried to disarm HSM it will not disarm, in ST I entered the code then OFF button, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, I still have it there, I can pair it and test again if you tell me how to use it.

I said ugly based on wife's approval, she hated it, now she loves the Centralite.


It works the same for me in HE as it did in ST.

Enter PIN then the secured state you want to enter. Off (disarmed), partial (armed-stay), or on (armed-away).

I agree! In fact, I didn't realize the keypad would automatically arm when both my husband & I left and HSM set to Armed Away :smile:. We usually beat the Iris 4 button presence sensors into the house, so I have to enter the code to disarm. I had to warn my husband to not open any doors once he does his Alexa Goodnight routine, or else he was going to have to disarm the keypad. He is not yet a convert...oh well!

Does anyone in the U.S. know where to buy a Centralite 3400 3 series? I haven't been able to locate one for sale. I have seen some Centralite 3400's on Ebay, but they seem to be an older version because they have a different layout.

I am chatting with Sean from their customer service department now trying to find a way of getting one in Canada. I just threw in a request for a list of US suppliers as well. Sounds like we may have to get them through one of their OEM partners (Xfinity, Rogers, etc.). Problem will be they will likely not sell us one unless we are a customer.

Thank you for finding that out and relaying the info

As per Sean at Centralite they do not currently sell the keypad to end users so we would have to go through an OEM supplier and it would be up to them if they wanted to sell to someone who doesn't subscribe to their expensive cloud dependent systems (like Rogers or Xfinity); although it sounds like they may consider adding it to their list of available products on their online site. He had never hear of Hubitat and seemed interested in the wide range of supported devices, including centralites. He asked for contact info for Hubitat; so who knows, we may see it on the Hubitat site. (Heads up @patrick, Centralite might be contacting you at the info email address).

In the mean time he did offer HE users 15% off on their online store ( using the promo code HUBITAT (for a limited time). Also, their site only sells to US customers so us HE users North of the 49th or across the pond are out of luck.

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Anyone had any luck with these?

Anyone try a Ring keypad? The website says its ZWave. I like the look of the Centralite better, but they don't want to sell me one.

I want to confirm Iris keypad works now, I just added it and saved a code and it works, not sure why it didn't worked before, so many updates, issues, migrations at the same time, lol


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I just installed an IRIS 3405-L on HE. It seemed easy to pair. When I change from arm-away, arm-home and disarm from the HSM the Iris registers the different settings and confirms it on the Iris. The Iris changes inside its device status Commands and Current States for arm-away and arm-home, but will not change to disarm in the device status. Nothing changes in HSM or in the physical world. Any thoughts?

Also, the key pad device page has Commands like Delete Code, Set Code etc. Is there a tutorial for this?

You must add a code first in the keypad to get the disarm to work, here an example how the code is entered:

Delete code just enter the number of the slot, for this example is 1, to delete the code

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Thank you. The set codes in the commands make more sense. Learning code is steep for me! Thanks again.

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