The All New Cobra Apps Website (a little preview)

@Royski and I are working really hard to open our new website and enable membership so you can get at it.
We expect this to happen VERY soon (hopefully by the week-end or just after)

It has a new URL:
You'll note the SSL certificate employed for security - Passwords are also internally encrypted. (Even we can't see them!)

I thought it might be nice to give you a little preview of what it looks like and a couple of the features.

Obviously, it has a few apps & drivers on it! :slight_smile:
But it has a few other 'bits' too...

Here is what it looks like when you login...

We start with a new 'News' page - Here we will let you know of any new website features, updates etc
You can search the news and the archives (although there are no archives yet!)
You can even subscribe to an RSS feed for the news so you don't miss anything.

If you subscribe to email alerts etc then you will also get emails about updates & new releases.

Did you notice this bit?

The website has an internal messaging system where you can message all members
(public messages) or an individual member (private messages)

As both Roy and I are obviously members then you can message us too :slight_smile:
The image above shows I have a private message waiting for me, but actually, I already knew that!
The website will send you an email if you receive a private message.

We have a new 'About Us' section.

With little BIOs of Roy and myself and a few details on how this website came about
(in case you didn't know already :slight_smile:)

How about letting other members know a little about you?


Only registered members can see these profiles (which you can update at any time)

You also have the ability to email the Admins (i.e. Roy and myself) directly from the website..

So you can submit bug reports or questions directly through email
Maybe send us a feature request?
Obviously, you could also send us a private message :slight_smile:

I won't go through every menu.. but you get the idea :slight_smile:

The website will be changing all the time
There is only about 60% of the apps updated on the site currently, but Roy and I thought it was about time we brought you something!

UPDATE: We are now open!



I have to give a big shout out to the website, beta testers and proof readers
@Brandon, @Geoff_T & @zarthan
(AND of course Mrs Geoff_T)

Without you guys there would be SO many typos, missed apostrophes and strange sentences :slight_smile:

Since November of last year @njanda and @aaiyar have been testing the email system through it's various stages of development until we now have it working perfectly..
Thanks guys!

I have to thank all of the above for their hard work and suggestions.

EDIT: All members have now been activated



I'm looking forward to seeing it live. I filled out the registration and will be looking for acceptance.


Me too, buzzing about the updates and new apps @Cobra has created :slight_smile:


You will be able to rate each one too (or just comment on them...)


Negative comments are also allowed (providing they are polite)
I don't really want to police all the apps comments and won't be censoring them :slight_smile:


I went to register and got a message saying my email and username was already registered... I did a password reset and when using the new password, I get Authentication Failed... Any ideas?

Two things..
When you change your password, there is a link in the email to verify you have changed it.
You need to click on this for the password reset to go through

But.. actually, the website is not open yet so it won't let you login anyway :slight_smile:


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Thank you sir :slight_smile:

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Way to dredge up a 2 year old thread just to start an argument, but wow your responce isn't productive at all. It probably would have been better posed in a DM rather than the open forum.

I'll let Cobra respond if he feels it appropriate, as I recall there was a valid non-nefarious reason. But again it was over 2 years ago, that water had long run under the bridge.


Not really worth responding to



I wasn't attempting to start an argument.

I'm simply asking why Cobra is requiring personally identifiable information to access their (valuable) resources.

Obviously, he is not obligated to answer but the question is not off-topic, argumentative, or unreasonable.

Also, I posted here because I believe it's the most current thread on this topic, I'm not the only person interested in an answer, and it isn't "water under the bridge" for anyone who has yet to register at Cobra's site.


It’s been quite a while since I registered for Andy’s website.

What personally identifiable info does it require, other than an email address?


@Cobra [EDIT: tagged Andy]

I whole heartedly agree. If Andy receives enough comments (DM of course), he can choose to make a more open statement about that on his website.

{Before I posted this, I deleted the rant I started. It wasn't going to be productive.}

Thank you, Andy. You have created many high-quality apps that have enriched the HE experience for many Hubitat owners. I use several of them. I for one have nothing but the highest regard for you, the quality of the solutions you provide, your graciousness to make them available, and your integrity in handling the information I have freely chosen to share with you.


Same here. Just wanted to also thank @Cobra and @Royski for their work!

Also plenty of ways to reduce exposure on the internet if one so desires.


There is nothing personally identifiable, unless you class your email or HE username in that? Which are both as public as you want them to be, no data is shared with ANY 3rd parties whatsoever (in case anyone wanted to know that), :+1: And many thanks from all, with nice comments, much appreciated. :slight_smile: Even after all this time.


I think some take the "privacy" thing too seriously. As you say, email and handle. If they're that worried, they can use a throwaway account for their email. I do a lot of security infrastructure and I personally rarely ever use a VPN for surfing. I pay attention to what I do and knock on wood had no compromise in either real personal data or one of our networks breached. Common sense is one thing, obsession over privacy just becomes silly... Keep up the good work!