Cheap uk Zigbee switch for £10

I Use Zigbee on off switch written by cobra..

And no, I have not found a decent UK light switch, they all seem to be wireless. Let me know if you have any luck!

Just ordered a couple of these, hopefully I can use them and not have to buy 10 bulbs...I have spot lights in some rooms and didn’t fancy the expense

I've just got a few of these to try and they seem very good so far. I've also managed to modify one so that rather than switching the input voltage to the output terminals, it becomes a "dry contact" relay. IE the output contacts are no longer connected to the 240V at all but just become a normally open pair of contacts that close when the switch is on. See picture for the modification I did.

NB1. You need to cut through the PCB tracks on BOTH sides of the board as the tracks run on both. I found the easiest way in the end, rather than trying to grind through the copper tracks, was just to make a saw cut through the whole board where I've shown the red line.

NB2 This would obviously void any warranty and messing with 240V electrics is dangerous etc etc so I am not recommending anyone try this themselves. Just posting what I have done for information.

Out of interest, did yours work out-of-the-box with one of the built in generic drivers?

Or did you have to load a custom driver?

Yes, they work fine with both Generic Switch and Generic Outlet Zigbee drivers.

Hi guys, I have two of these since April, when I was looking for a cheap Zigbee alternative to the Sonoffs. I can confirm they work quite well with Smartthings and Hubitat, using the native generic drivers.


As I have understood, you because of others stupidity not made this available any longer to the public. Is there a way to get it now?

yes, its still available. Loads of sellers have it in the UK. I have just bought a further 3. Where in the world are you?

The driver will be available on my members website when it opens
But you may find one of the inbuilt drivers work


Ok. I will try the Generic driver.

I have already bought them - I was looking for the driver that @Cobra had made

This returns Error 404 Not Found for me. Do you have a new link? I am trying to get switching functionality from a Tradfri Signal Repeater if possible.


Could you send a link to the device please.


Is this it? Should have looked abit harder!

I don'T know why the builtin zigbee outlet device does work correctly with this device, but I found out that the driver from "" , which is available in Hubitat Package Manager is working fine.

builtin device driver does not refresh state.

this post was flagged , but I did not understand why.
I thought that it would be helpful for anyone who come across the same problem with me.

See my reply to your identical post in another old, inactive thread.


I'm a little confused. You've posted the exact same thing about two very different zigbee devices. FWIW, this thread is about a zigbee switch for the UK that is no longer available. The other thread was about the GE zigbee wall switch. I have that GE zigbee switch - and it works fine with the built-in driver.


I'm really sorry. I posted the exact info to 2 different threads.
This one is the correct one.

I still have a few of these and today I migrated them to Hubitat hub from my ST hub.
I saw that the state was not being refreshed after power on or off.

Then I found a working device driver. So I tried to inform people who might be using this device.