Cheap uk Zigbee switch for £10

Just set up this little switch. works a treat inline:

I had to change the type to "Generic Zigbee bulb" from "device" for it to work, no idea if that is the best, be seems fine.

At only £10 per switch it seems cheap, and can go in the ceiling or wall.

Looking for cheap light switches for the UK too that are not wifi... any suggestions on cheap options appreciated.

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Do you know if this works with Philips Hue ?

Do you know if they work as repeater too?

The product listing says it is ZHA and phillips hue is ZLL, so this would not join to the Phillips Hue Bridge. But why not just join directly to HE rather than through the Hue Bridge?

Very good question. I have a holiday home, and that is where my HA has primarily been until now. At home I have only setup a Hue, hence the question. I have to tread lightly in order to introduce HA in my main home so I won´t upset the Wifey :wink:

I might sneak in a HE at some point..

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As a nooby, how do I tell if it is a repeater?

You will need a Xbee to map the Zigbee mesh or, if placed in the middle between hub and where another sensor hasn't enough signal, it works as "extender" allowing sensor to have connection back to Hubitat.

Or you could email the seller on ebay. which I've done, to see if they know. Would hate to have to buy a device to find out if it does what you want it to do. I will report back if I hear from the seller.

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Is this a proper CE certification or one of the Chinese Export markings ?

Since it doesn't have CE certification listed in the description, I would expect it's one of the Chinese Export markings that "pretend" to "accidentally" look like the CE marking. But again, you'd have to check with the seller to be 100% sure.

This one the seller has confirmed is a repeater:

I’ve bought 4 of these and they work perfectly with a driver I have adapted/rewritten.
They DO repeat
They also repeat really well for Xiaomi devices.

If anyone is interested in the driver, I’ll post it.



Very interested in the correct driver. Seems to work with the Generic Zigbee bulb, but I am sure there are reasons why it should not!

I ordered a few of these which are on their way, so a driver would be very nice if you feel like sharing.

@rupert.bowling1, @Kulfsson

Here you go guys, try this one :slight_smile:


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Thanks, will test when my devices arrive :slight_smile:

works a treat thanks. Have 3 of these now, and they are beginning to be my go to switch. Solid fast so far reliable.
Easy to fit in line to lights, in the ceiling, in extension leads, all sorts of places, so long as they are hidden. slight concern about fire.... but they do not seem to get hot at all, so it would have to be a fault that sets them off.

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When I opened one of them up (because I was concerned about build quality) and was surprised how good and well made they appear to be.
I don’t have any concerns.

Glad the driver works ok for you too :slight_smile:


Hey guys. Considering these myself, but am slightly worried if this would work for me, if i only have access to SWitched live and Neutral at the ceiling rose.

Permanent Live, and switch wire are inside a junction box which annoyingly is out of reach :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

also, other than the price, how different could it be from http s://