Text notifications not working?

Anyone notice that text notifications stopped working? Mine seem to not be working now for over a week. No changes on my end that I know of... just checking.


You mean SMS ?

It's been already talked about SMS not working

I just created a RM Trigger, with an action of sending a SMS notification. It worked as expected, and almost instantaneously. I’m not seeing an issue with SMS text messaging here in the USA.

What carrier ?

I use Cricket Wireless, which is owned by AT&T and uses their network.

It seems its Verizon that's giving the problems.

Nope...Verizon is working fine.

Time to switch carriers? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have 5 phones on Cricket for $100 a month, each with 5GB of LTE data (not shared). I joined when they were initially bought by AT&T. Really great deal!

They have crappy service up here... just like Sprint.

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How are you entering your number? are you adding the +1 and not using any dashes? should be +12225551234

No problems with Verizon here.....

I have had issues with both Verizon and cricket this weekend.

Greetings to you.

Is there any possibility to use Google Hangout (in US only) for sending SMS/Text from HE?


I have never used Google Hangouts. Isn’t Google shutting Hangouts down? Doesn’t seem worth the effort if true.

Dan: Google Hangout is still available and I am still using to make call and send SMS to USA and Canada. Google Voice is also available with dedicated phone number to the google/gmail account holders for voice call and text to USA and Canada with no charge. I have using for voice call, SMS and fax. If we can use Google Hangout or Google voice for SMS as alternate option, US user can use notification with no charge. Please review.


I am still having issues with Verizon. Cricket send to be working now.

How would you use Hangouts to send a text from Hubitat though?

Sorry, I am not really interested in researching this’d the this time. For me, Pushover handles all of my notifications needs, reliably, and quickly, for a very low one time cost.

There is a reason SMS isn’t easily added to systems like Hubitat - SMS is not free. That is why services like Hubitat and IFTTT put limits on the number of SMS text messages.

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@tfort2, I think you may be confusing the issue. The charge @ogiewon is referring to is not to us, the users. Hubitat would have to pay for the service that routes the SMS messages to our phone. If everyone has unlimited SMS notifications, that could get expensive very quickly and is probably the reason HE has chosen to limit the number of SMS's.

I have Google Voice and entering my GV number would do nothing to fix the problem. I don't know of any GV api that would allow us to access the SMS feature through Hubitat...I doubt that they do.

At this point, you best option would be to use an online notification service like Pushover (there are other options as well) or setup an email server like below (haven't tried myself because pushover is more than enough for me).

Email Notifications Driver using Node/sendmail on a PI

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I am using Hangout for non-HE texting purpose.