Text notifications not working?


Greetings to all:
Thanks Stephack for detailed information. I got the clear pictures. Just got Pushover and working well. Thanks again.


Thanks Dan for your comment. I have just got the Pushover and working well.


On your phone you mean? This is just what you are using to read your text messages. Not what is sending them.


I agree that using Google Hangouts for notifications (or Hangouts Chat, even better for the G Suite users) would be beneficial.

With SMS (at least in Canada), my HE notifications are coming from random numbers -- almost never the same one... so I can't do anything about prioritizing or muting them.

With GHO, you can control the channel a great deal better. Grafana has implemented this, and it's pretty snazzy, actually... would be SO much better to be able to use in RM!

Perhaps this deserves its own thread, but here's the documentation on the Hangouts Chat API:


That requires that you have a G-Suite account, which even for the basic user is $6 per month. I don't think you're going to find many people paying that much each month just for Hubitat notifications especially now that the mobile apps have been released.


True, but don't underestimate the number of people who are already paying that.

You'd be surprised how many have managed to get grandfathered in before Google started charging for the base-level account.


But Hubitat now has it's mobile apps for notifications. I doubt that they are going to invest in a 3rd party platform after investing time in developing that.


yes, sorry, I didn't mean to imply that it would necessarily come via Hubitat directly. It could just as easily be a third-party app.


Oh, yeah...if you want to develop a user app or device, go for it. It appears that you can have a "bot" that has a webhook that can be used. If so, you wouldn't even need to have a custom driver. You could to it from Rule Machine.


Is there not a simple email plugin that ties to gmail? We could easily craft a sms message using our gmail accounts to the providers.


No but there is a "man-in-the-middle" using a Raspberry Pi that I have set up to send email/SMS notifications.


So how do we send a notification from RM to the new hubitat mobile app anyway? I missed where this is discussed. THoughts?



I found this thread.... disregard previous post :slight_smile: