Text alerts to phone number in Spain

Hello, how can I send text alerts from my Hubitat to my phone number? I live in Spain and can't receive a text message if there's an intrusion when we are away from home.
Thabk you

`Sign up for Pushover, it’s awesome.
I held off for several weeks but am so happy now that I’m using a Pushover.
Just search Pushover for many tips and use casesPUSHOVER

Thank you, but as long as I bought the "Hubitat Elevation Europe", by the way much more expensive than the US / Canada version, I was expecting that EU phone numbers would be supported the same way US numbers are supported.

Pushover has a per-platform fee and, from their web page, "A single account or license cannot be shared among multiple users in a household", so I have to buy three platform fee (iOs, Android and Desktop) for me, my wife and each one of my three kids. 15 fees, or $74.85!!!

This is not an option for me.

If Hubitat is not supporting EU phones in your Europe platform, that is something Hubitat should advice in their web page before EU users pay for it, not mentioning, as I said before, that the EU version of the product is much more expensive than the US / Canada.

Yep, for sure everyones got different needs.
Sorry to say it but my wife and I have iPhones using a single Pushover account.

Are you by chance using the Homebridge app? If so you could use the Apple Home app to send you notifications.

I am using Hubitat in the UK, and although I had a few issues setting them up, I can receive text messages from HE.

The following posts may help:

Also the following HE video shows how to set up the text messages for alerts.

You will need to use the Spanish dialing code (34); the second of the posts I have listed shows some of the anomalies the HE community helped with when I was having problems,

You should be able to get SMS messages in Spain.
Use the E164 format for your number.

e.g. +34 1234 5678913.