Send Text Message Format

Is sending text messaging functioning now? I set this rule up and it does not function if I add an phone number


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Good catch, I believe you need to add “+” before the 1 to get it to work with our SMS provider.

that worked thank you. I hate that I have to keep asking questions… learning curve

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got this one

I get this when using a Minimote and Button Controller to try sending a text:

errorNo signature of method: buttonController.sendNotificationEvent() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [Hi!] on line null

And the buttons aren’t consistent, button 2 is really switch one and button 3 is relay device 2, both relay devices work manually but button 3 won’t actuate even those the hub sees it pushed:

dev:132018-02-07 21:26:23.958:debugProcessed zwave message: [name:switch2, value:off]

dev:132018-02-07 21:26:23.956:debugParsing desc => ‘zw device: 02, command: 600D, payload: 02 02 25 03 00 ’

dev:132018-02-07 21:26:23.858:debugProcessed zwave message: [name:switch1, value:on]

dev:132018-02-07 21:26:23.856:debugParsing desc => ‘zw device: 02, command: 600D, payload: 01 01 25 03 FF ’

app:162018-02-07 21:26:23.724:infoVaughn Relay Test 1 On is now True

app:182018-02-07 21:26:23.704:infoVaughn Relay Test 1 Off is now False

app:162018-02-07 21:26:23.679:infoVaughn Relay Test 1 On: Vaughn Relay Test Switch 1 switch on

app:182018-02-07 21:26:23.678:infoVaughn Relay Test 1 Off: Vaughn Relay Test Switch 1 switch on

dev:262018-02-07 21:26:23.569:infoUpstairs Hall Minimote button 2 was pushed

dev:262018-02-07 21:26:23.567:debugresult- button:2, held:false, sceneID: 3

dev:262018-02-07 21:26:23.565:debugSceneActivationSet: SceneActivationSet(dimmingDuration:0, sceneId:3)

dev:262018-02-07 21:26:23.556:debugparse: zw device: 07, command: 2B01, payload: 03 00

dev:262018-02-07 21:26:12.387:infoUpstairs Hall Minimote button 3 was pushed

dev:262018-02-07 21:26:12.385:debugresult- button:3, held:false, sceneID: 5

dev:262018-02-07 21:26:12.382:debugSceneActivationSet: SceneActivationSet(dimmingDuration:0, sceneId:5)

dev:262018-02-07 21:26:12.378:debugparse: zw device: 07, command: 2B01, payload: 05 00

Not sure what those logs are from, this is the output from our minimote driver, with the button layout.


Gen 1 Minimote. I’ll double check device driver and redo it from scratch, see if anything changes.

it appears that the your minimote is in group mode (param 250 = 0), our driver is configured for scene mode (param 250 = 1)
We set this as part of the configure method, maybe it didn’t take.
If you wake the bugger up like this:
Wake up the Minimote

  1. Press and hold the Learn Button (or Join Button) for 3 seconds, then let go. This should keep the Minimote awake for 30 seconds.

  2. Now sending in the configuration within the 30 seconds.

then hit configure in the driver to try to set this parameter again.


Also, did you update the firmware on that unit?, not sure if that matters or not.

Updated to 1.19 and then added back, it works as expected now!


If it wouldn't clutter up the GUI too much, it might not be a bad idea to add this format description right there were people will see it when attempting to add a number to use for SMS. That, or even a "hover over" or "click on" info button or icon.

Thoughts? @patrick