Text Messages to the UK in HSM

I am not sure if this is a text message problem, device problem or a HSM issue. I am setting up HSM for intruder alerts when I am away. I have set up HSM for Intrusion-Away, all contacts, motion and shock sensors, and a text message using +4479624XXXXX (i.e. text the UK and missing the first zero off the number, leaving the last 10 digits); I have set mode to "Away". However, I have not received any text messages. I have two AEOTEC Multisensor 6s and an AEOTEC Door/Window Sensor operating as a Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?



Go into the logs and it may show whats happening.
You are only allowed 10 per day. If the daily limit has been exceeded you will see a message in the logs. If its not that then the logs may show something else.
Your number format looks correct.
Also check your devices to make sure they are changing to the correct state.

I'd recommend using Pushover (app in your mobile store, iOS or Android).
Its a one time purchase for the app, after a 7-day free trial, it costs $4.99 USD once, per-platform (iOS, Android, Desktop), and you can use this along with most automations.
It works quite brilliantly.

The Pushover driver is inbuilt into HE now, but some help and guidance here.

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Hi, Thanks for replying Not sure which Log I am looking at. If I select Hubitat Safety Manager I get two entries; Armed Away and a Warn Alert Null Canceled. If I select a Sensor I get door closed/open as I would expect. A search for text or message on the log page shows nothing. Last week I designed a dashboard, I sent the link to my phone, but never received the message, so I suspect there may be something wrong with the messaging system.

Thanks I'll look into this.

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Are you going into 'Logs' from the main menu?

I am going in from the left hand side, advanced menu.

Thats the one.
With the logs open, what happens when you trigger the Intrusion-Away rule. Do you see anything in there for the device or the rule? Something like below.
Then click on the device or rule and you should see the logs for that particular entry below it.

I have just triggered the door and motion sensors, these show up on the log, but there is no trigger of the Intrusion Away rule.

Can you post a screen shot of the rule.
It is 'Armed' isn't it?

Hi Screenshot as follows:

What do you get when you click on below.


This is where my text alert is configured.


I get this, my mode is set to Away:

So when you click on Intrusion-Away, does it look the same as mine above?

When I manually put my Hub into away mode and trigger a motion sensor I see this in my logs.

Hi Again,

Got it working; two issues:

With the toggle switch saying "On", I thought it was on.
Secondly, despite selecting all devices, it only works with the door switch, which I then also have to select, once I did this it worked...and I received a text message. I'll try and reconfigure tomorrow with the multi-sensors.

Many thanks for your time.



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Glad you got it working. :slight_smile: