Telldus Magnetic Sensor - not registering events

I have seen the Telldus Magnetic Sensor Z-Wave device mentioned on the forum, it seems to be working for other people but for me it has not yet registered any events.
Perhaps there are different versions of the same device?
I use the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor.

Any hints to things I should try to make it register events in Hubitat would be very welcome.

Try using the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor driver. After you save, go wake up the device by re-seating the battery then hit configure.

It works - Thank you Lewis!

Did not need to reseat the battery, just hit the button on it once, and then clicked configure like you said.


Yea, the battery is just a cya incase as it always works where the button sometimes doesn't.

After more testing it stopped responding. Repaired it and got it registered as a Ring Alarm Contact Sensor, then changed it to the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor.
Currently registering events.
These things seem unstable.

Is this on a C7? Can you install Z-Wave Mesh Tool and post a screenshot of the sensors details?

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Hi Lewis,
my device is brand new so it might be a C7 - How can I tell?

The mesh tool sounds like a good way to learn more and gain insights.
Thank you for being so helpful!

I have just ordered another device, the Aeotc Smart Switch 7, which is supported and I also believe will help me with several new things. When this is in place i will have multiple Z-wave devices and an actual need for the sensor as well so then I will play with the mesh tool and see what I can learn.

Have a great weekend, I expect you will hear more from me.


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I'm on here often so just shoot me a pm if you need a hand with anything. Here's a link to the Generic Contact Sensor Driver and the issues it currently has.

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