Synology Surveillance station


Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of moving from blue iris to running everything in this nas (1019+). Just wondering if anyone has hooked up hubitat to toggle armed/disarmed status of surveillance station?

thank you



You should be able to do this with Action Rules in surveillance station. So basically, create two action rules (one for Home Mode ON, and one for OFF) with an EXTERNAL DEVICE event. Action would be to enter or leave Home Mode.

Then have an RM rule, or an app, or driver with HTTP capability (there are a few custom drivers that do this) to send the HTTP command listed in the action rule to surveillance station.

The http commands look something like:
http://{NasIP}:5000/webapi/entry.cgi?api=SYNO.SurveillanceStation.ExternalEvent&method="Trigger"&version=1&eventId=1&eventName="This is external event1"&account="{account}"&password="{password}"

Obviously you change {NasIP}, {account}, and {password} to match your ip/account settings.

It would be better to send it via HTTPS, but the easiest way is to send it to the HTTP port on the NAS (assuming you have it open).


I actually set this up this week. Works fine.

I made a virtual device, and used this user driver:

Then ON URL looks like this (with IP, user, and password changed :). As expected I had to replace spaces with %20 and quotation marks with %22:



thanks so much for sharing!