Sylvania SMART+ BR30 bulbs

I had them under a group but didn't have Group Messaging turned on. I turned it on but that didn't help. I can turn the lights on and off from the group on and off buttons and that works fine.

none came on.

:thinking: So the bulb lied... That's interesting..

Think I'll stick with Phillips Hue in the future. Tried to save a couple of dollars but that ain't working out.

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Try putting your Hue lights in the motion app in place of the Sylvania and see if they come on. That will help narrow the problem down.

These are my default recessed bulbs. In two years I have never had an issue with any of them.

I do also have 20 Hue lights, but for recessed lights these are the best I have found. I do have a couple of the Hue recessed that are sitting on a shelf in my garage since being replaced with these.

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Yes. Sengled is an independent company not part of the LEDVANCE group that Sylvania and OSRAM are part of.

Yes, but I think problems will persist with the Sylvania bulbs paired to the hub. That is my suspicion of the issue at the moment. @rodney if you try what @Ken_Fraleigh is suggesting and you still have problems, then remove the Sylvania bulbs from the hub and repeat the test.

And you still can. Consider that with the financial threat looming, lost revenue due
to the necessary shutdowns, and the OSRAM announcement, ALL the Sylvania and remaining OSRAM bulbs are going to plummet in price. There are big savings to be had in their bulbs, which will more than make up for the cost of an additional HE hub. Don't expect the price of HE hubs themselves to plummet though. The HE team already works remotely and is prepared for this scenario by nature of their existing structure.

Experts like @mike.maxwell whom is the person that writes the drivers for the HE platform and really understands this, already use a separate hub for Sylvania/OSRAM bulbs to keep them off his main Zigbee network and has perfect results. Connecting HE hubs together is cost effective, efficient and easy. You can have a hub dedicated to affordable Zigbee bulbs, and the rest of your Zigbee devices (non-bulbs) can live on the main hub, unencumbered by bulbs that keep dropping the metaphorical Zigbee ball. :wink:

Hue is certainly a good option, especially if you already own their bridge. The HE Hue Integration is very reliable. Depending on the light types you need, the prices aren't horrible. I have mostly their A19 bulbs in my house which were on average $14 CAD per bulb, and a few deals for much less. Hue BR30 bulbs are outrageously priced. Nice bulbs though, one must admit.

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I have never had an issue with the newer bulbs causing problems, unless there aren’t enough of them. Once I ditched the Osrams I haven’t had any problems. My zigbee motion and contact sensors were always reliable though, the problems I had were with bulbs losing connection with the hub.
It may be In this case that the driver isn’t reporting correctly, or the group. Make sure on/off optimization is not enabled, as enabling it prevents on/off commands from being sent if the group thinks the device is already on or off.
Full disclosure: I have all of my bulbs on their own HE hub. Not because of devices dropping, but it fixed my hub slowdowns. I do have some Sylvania plugs and GE in-wall dimmers on that hub as well without any problems since removing all of the Peanuts.

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Apparently there is a maximum number of replies allowed in one day and I was cut off . I did replace the Sylvania bulbs with Hue bulbs and they work fine. The problem must be something in the way the Sylvania bulbs work with HE. I found a pretty cheap Lightify gateway and thought I might try that. Is there a interface between HE and Lightify?

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They BR30 & A19 sylvania bulbs also update on ST and work well with, so no need for lightify. Plus with ST you can use Hubconnect, which makes HE abou 100X better
Mine are paired to HE and work well, untill the kids flip the switch !

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The high output recessed rgbw and Flex XL don’t update on ST btw. According to the LEDvance website, all lights should update to 102428, except garden spots. SmartThings doesn’t have zigbee group messaging afaik, which is one of the reasons I originally switched to HE, but I have a lot of bulbs.

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It can’t be the bulbs, something else has to be going on here. I have over 60 Sylvania bulbs connected, some with motion lighting, and have never had an issue like this. I’m starting to wonder if it is the driver, or bulb firmware. Your using dimmable, not color temperature, or RGBW bulbs? If yes, you might try changing the driver to the Sengled Element Classic driver and see if there is a difference.

I'm guessing the problem is not the bulbs. The bulbs will turn on sometimes - usually on the next instance after I use Alexa or manually turn them on from the dashboard. What's interesting is I have them set to turn off after 5 minutes with no motion and that works every time without fail - just getting them to turn on is a problem. Anyway, I just ordered a Lightify bridge (cheap) and found the integration for HE. Hoping that will do the trick.

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I'm, sure you'll be pleased once you get this sorted out. I have about 15 of these Sylvania, a mix of BR30 & the recessed type. Both are solid on HE and on ST.
Seeing the fantastic integration for the lightify gateway by @adamkempenich, I'm in the market for a gateway now, just to have something to do while a prisoner in "SuperMax Corona".

I do recall an issue with a lighting rule and these bulbs. The rule when set to turn on & turn off, would often fail to turn on, so I changed my rule to "toggle" and it works perfect over the last few months. I placed a ticket and got 1 response that went nowhere, then discovered the toggle fix on my own. You could try changing logic to toggle and observe

I don't have this problem, but it seems familiar. It may be something that was fixed in a Sylvania firmware update. Currently on 102428 that I think was released June 2019 for nearly all Sylvania Smart+ lights (not Garden Spots). Some groups I have change CT in the background, so I just send an "on' command from a button controller. They respond very fast that way.

I got the lightify gateway as you had suggested, but it shows the RT5/6 as being current with 01020492 -- which is new enough to not have the routing problems, but certainly isn't the 102428 that Ledvance has made available.

I downloaded the images from the Ledvance site, but I can't find any way to push these firmware images using the Lightify gateway. What am I missing?

I’m pretty sure that is an Osram firmware. Even though they kept the model numbers the same, Osram used a different SOC than Ledvance. The firmware isn’t compatible with Osram bulbs, only Sylvania Smart+ made by Ledvance. If the firmware was able to be updated, it would download and install it for you. That would make the lights you have the ones with the issues unfortunately. The old models are still available for purchase today on Amazon. The ones that come with the gateway are the old Lightify bulbs (Osram kept that when they spun off the consumer lighting). I have no idea why after all this time.

In almost all forums the 01020492 was listed as the version that fixed the relay. These are ZHA not ZLL.

I'm sure that the newer firmware has even more fixes, but I've not seen any reports that 0492 had the relay issues.

I didn't get the gateway two-pack. Those were part number 73401. Mine were part number 73858:

^ this is from my original order, since it wasn't that long ago.

The link is to the same ones I have, but it now says Lightify where it used to say Sylvania Smart+. Some were sold by Francos Lighting and some directly from Amazon (I have a bunch of them). Mine came with firmware 00102100 that upgraded to 00102428 (102428). They are zha as well. I haven’t seen any zll in the U.S. One easy way I have found to tell the difference between the Lightify and Smart+ recessed lights is that the Smart+ dim on/off over a second, and the Lightify turn on/off like a light switch. If you’re having any issues with them, return them and buy from a different seller.