Sylvania SMART+ BR30 bulbs

Just ordered from both Franko & VMInnovations in the last ~6 weeks. They both sent me the newer -ones(FCC ID- LD DZO-AETHER), all updated to 00102428 via ST

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I’ve had good luck with vminovations as well in the past.

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My go on/off with the 1 second delay, not like a switch. Yet the lightify gateway said 01020492 was the best-est :frowning:

My Amazon purchase says Ordered on February 22, 2017. I'm fairly sure that's outside the return window :rofl:

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Hi Ken - i've got about 55 or so total sylvania bulbs (only recently did I learn of the routing issues on the older OSRAM branded bulbs though luckily all but like 10 bulbs are the newer LEDVANCE brand) My question for you is do you have issues with group command not having the bulbs report proper status afterwards? IE i turn on a group but some of the members will show as OFF despite the bulb being on. I do realize I have some of the OSRAMS on my network so my hope is that once I can swap those out things will 'heal'. Since you have a large network of the same bulbs as me i'd love pointers. For groups you still use group messaging right? Also do you use the 'tamed' driver for your bulbs or the standard generic one. My last question is do you know if these bulbs play nice with ikea signal repeaters.

Thanks so much for your help!

No. I know that when I had issues with devices dropping off the mesh, they would sometimes still be controllable with the group, but not individually. In that case I would expect them to not report status.

Yes, but I have disabled optimization. I think they are a tiny bit more reliable with optimization disabled.

Only with my solitary Osram Lightify under cabinet light at my wife’s desk It would not reliably turn on/off before.
Make sure you update the firmware on the newer bulbs to 00102428. Most of the bulbs come with 00102100, or 00102090, and they don’t behave especially well with the old firmware.
I don’t know about the ikea signal repeaters, outside the fact that they are cheap and lower signal output than their outlets (from the ikea spec sheet I saw somewhere on here). I would recommend the Sylvania plugs or Samsung, as they both seem to get along well with everything and have never dropped off my network. The best thing I ever did was to buy a second Hubitat just for the lights (no repeaters needed).

For the firmware version - it looks the most recent update was released feb-28. do you actually just reset/pair to the lightify gateway to get updates? Just seems so much work :confused: I wish ledvance would post change release notes for each release to help determine if all of the effort is required. Similar note - is there a way to at least see the firmware version of the bulb on hubitat?

Yes. Just turn the light off and on 5 times with 5 seconds off and 5 seconds on each and it should cycle red, green, blue. Then join to Lightify and update the firmware. You can then delete from Lightify to reset and join them straight away back to Hubitat.

No :cry:
But I will say that my lights have been very well behaved since the last update. There were some “quirks” in their behavior prior to the last update. For example, if I would hold the button to long when dimming up, the lights would reset; not great for wife approval.

There seems to be a difference in that sequence depending on the firmware. I tried with a 1 second delay, which is what the current instructions call for, and it wouldn’t work. Then found an old post on the ST forum that said 5 sec delay like you’re suggesting. That worked.

But once the firmware was updated, that wouldn’t work. Tried the 1 second delay ( really it needs to be so fast I question their statement that it should even be 1 second), and that then worked, whereas the older 5 second delay process would no longer work.

Thanks for the info :+1:t2:. That makes it a lot quicker to reset, which I thankfully haven't had to do since updating.

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How can I tell what firmware version I have for the Sylvania Smart+

If they are Smart+ lights, and they have never been on SmartThings or the lightify gateway, then they will likely have the 00102100, or 00102090 firmware.

Quick question... since lightify is shutting down their server soon (I have a lightify gateway) are you guys looking into supporting the updates like SmartThings does? Yes I have a SmartThings hub as well but as far as I know there is no way to force the update to happen on it like you can on the lightify hub.

I just ordered a second hub because I am having lightify lights drop all the time and I have to reset and add back to hubitat to get them to work without group messaging. The groups will still turn them all on and off fine but I can do some individually anymore. I have about 55 lightify lights unfortunately so replacing them all isn't something I want to do... And only like 3 or 4 are LEDVANCE according to hubitat manufacturer info lol. Did adding a second hub help fix this type of issue for anyone here or am I still going to have the disconnects? Thanks!

For me it did, although I also included a few GE in-wall dimmers on the hub to help get signal upstairs. I had about 55 or 60 bulbs (almost entirely Ledvance though) and frequently would have to rejoin individual bulbs. It made a very noticeable difference. I believe part of this was due to the A-19 bulbs overheating and causing the zigbee radio to stop working, since I have never had this happen with my recessed lights. I have replaced most of my A-19 bulbs with Hue (on the Hue gateway) over the past year, as those are the only ones I ever had issues with. The recessed Sylvania rgbws (if which I have 15) have never been a problem and I will continue recommending and using them.
BTW, your SmartThings hub will update bulbs. It usually does so within an hour, but you can prompt it to check for an update on the hubs web page. I doubt that the Osram bulbs will be receiving another update since they haven’t been in production for years now.

I can almost guarantee that there will not be any updates. Ledvance already had many firesales and I doubt they would continue to develop firmware on a legacy product. That is unless another company buys them up.
I have lots of their bulbs and update them with my ST hub. If you want a killer zigbee repeater, find an Iris 3210-L plug. It's like a Hubble telescope for zigbee

Everything is on a single hub now... I have 24 zwave devices on it and 56 zigbee (mostly the sylvania bulbs but a few smartthings plugs - for repeaters - and some leak sensors etc). I am only having trouble with the lights dropping off. Should I just move the lights and leave the plugs, leak sensors, etc on the current hub with the zwave products?

If that’s all you have, It probably won’t benefit you to get another hub. My second hub was purchased to separate my lights from about 70 zigbee end devices that the lights were poor repeaters for. Also, I originally had quite a few Osram bulbs and found that they weren’t even good at repeating for each other, a problem that carried over from SmartThings, so luckily for me most of them burned out within the 2 year warranty period. Sylvania replaced them with the Ledvance bulbs, which have a completely different zigbee chip that I haven’t had any trouble with. Unfortunately the lifespan of the A-19 bulbs hasn’t improved.
If you haven’t already tried changing zigbee channels, you could see if that helps. Make sure to pick a channel different from your SmartThings hub if you’re still using it. Wifi on channel 1 and Hubitat on channel 20 is usually good. I have mine on 19 and 24 since Hue is using 20 and 25 and it has worked well.
Also, having a couple of the SmartThings outlets within 15 feet of the hub seems to help. They are tremendous routers.

the 2nd hub arrived today so I will just give it a shot... I am going to add a bunch of zigbee switches and more leak sensors anyway... Should I just put the lights on the 2nd hub or I need a few outlets as well?

I had to add a few zigbee switches/dimmers to make everything happy. Outlets are fine as well, as long as they don't get unplugged. You should just try it with only the bulbs and see where the weak areas are. You might just be able to add a few zigbee switches in those areas and leave the ST outlets on the other hub for the leak sensors and other end devices.

Thanks! Are you using the build in Hub Link or Hub Connect App? Any advantages to either? Going to set up the second hub today.

or hub mesh... just saw that was an option. what is the best way to connect them? :slight_smile: