Sylvania SMART+ BR30 bulbs

I have 4 dimmable Sylvannia SMART+ BR30 bulbs in my kitchen. They paired with Hubitat easily and I set them up as generic zigbee bulbs. They work fine from the dashboard and with Alexa - but - I have tried using them with a motion detector using both the motion lighting app and the simple lighting app and they will not work. When motion is detected the status changes to "on" but the lights don't come on (or more accurately only come on once in a while). It sounds like a driver problem. Can anyone suggest something to do?

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First things first... Welcome to the community!

Second.. Yes .. that is strange as the status change is based on a report from the device.. (unless this is a group)

Can you turn on debug logging on your driver and trigger your action again and screen shot your logs?

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If you can activate from the driver and they work, it's not a driver problem. Likely what you're already encountering is a Zigbee mesh problem. The bulbs will repeat for themselves fine, but they will cause the non-bulbs on the network to drop and not send data consistently. Keeping bulbs (other than Sengled) off your HE Zigbee network is recommended. Sengled bulbs don't even try to repeat Zigbee Signals, so as long as you have other mains powered Zigbee devices to repeat signals when you have Zigbee devices that are too far from the hub, the Sengled will not be a problem.

Do you have the OSRAM gateway? It's not a long term solution because OSRAM will be killing their servers, but for now it can work until we have a new solution or a second HE hub for bulbs, or replacement bulbs, etc.

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Here is copy of the log. Of course this time it worked - but that only happens once in a while

That’s about right... :rofl: Yea need a log when it doesn’t work

I don't have a Lightify bridge. I connected them straight to HE. I do have a Phillips Hue bridge but I guess I'll have to buy a Lightify bridge as well if that's the fix

Here is the log where it doesn't work

I have another hubitat coming in because I got some lightify fixtures cheap that I want to install.. Will have it on a different zigbee channel.. I had evicted lightify from my mesh a while back, but couldn’t pass up these prices..

Buy a Lightify gateway and update their firmware on the gateway. Then pair them back to Hubitat. I would also recommend that you create a group with the bulbs, enable zigbee group messaging, and disable on/off optimization.
I have over 60 of the Sylvania Smart+ bulbs (but all rgbw) and they work perfectly every time. Adding a couple Samsung or Sylvania plugs wouldn’t hurt either.


Ok.. I see the debug for the motion detector.. Can you turn on debug on your bulbs?

I personally would not invest in the Lightify bridge unless you can get it for cheap ($7 CAD) like I did. They are going to close down their cloud servers next year. They say they will open source it after that, but it will take time for a solution to be created. So much of that bridge, from the commissioning of the bulbs forward requires the cloud.

Do you have a lot of Sengled bulbs? You might want to weigh you choices between a second HE hub for around $70 USD or just replacing with Sengled bulbs directly connected to you HE hub, or bulbs connected directly to your Hue Bridge. They're not stellar bulbs, but the IKEA Trådfri bulbs relatively are inexpensive and are compatible with the Hue Bridge.

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However, before we head down the "it's a Zigbee mesh" route, you have not confirmed if they respond consistently from the HE driver. Create an HE Group for the bulbs and turn on Zigbee Group Messaging as @Ken_Fraleigh is suggesting. Then only do your testing from the group driver, ensuring that they turn ON and OFF consistently when you manually press the ON and OFF button for the group. Don't use Dashboards when troubleshooting.

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You are right about that. I bought 4 color bulbs, and while the colors are pretty good, the on/off and transitions are pretty rough.

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I had missed one of the bulbs but now debug logging is on for everything,

Ok.. so did it work or not work that time?

Not quite sure Sengled bulbs. These are Sylvania and HE shows the manufacturer as LEDVANCE.

The box the bulbs came in doesn't say anything about Lightify. These are newer bulbs that may have been manufactured after Sylvania moved on from Lightigy.

Did not work.

All of them? .. or did one work? .. because it looks like Sylvania 2 reported back..

Yes, so are all of mine, but the only way to update the firmware on them is to use the Lightify gateway, or a hub that is capable of firmware updates like SmartThings (which doesn't have all of the bulb updates btw). The bulbs come with the original firmware 102100 or 102090 and the most recent is 102428. There were many bug and reliability fixes.