Sylvania 4-button Smart Switch on eBay - cheap

Bought two of these open box smart buttons for $10 a piece! Cheap enough to try out.

Please report back if they work well with Hubitat. I bought 2 of these from Amazon ($32 each) when I was still running SmartThings and never could get them to work well. But I do see they are specifically listed in List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation.

They work, I have one. Sometimes they seem a bit fickle. Sometime they don't seem to respond to the first push but other that that they work fine.

That's exactly how they've been on my hub, too.

I have 3. Sometimes they work on first press, sometimes it takes 2(or 3) presses to respond if it hasn't been used in a couple of hours. After that it's always the first press.

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I have nine of these connected (got them new on Amazon for $8 each in the spring) and from what I’ve seen, they are picky about repeaters that they will stay connected with. They do very well if you have a lot of Samsung and Sylvania outlets, but not peanuts. 6 of my 9 are very solid; always working on the first press. The other 3 sometimes need 2-3 presses to reconnect. They all behaved this way before I started adding Samsung (4) and Sylvania (3) plugs to the mesh. I never noticed any improvements in the mesh with the 6 peanuts and have contemplated removing them. I’m getting a second hub to split off all of my end devices and hope it will help with this as well as lighten the load on the HE. I may cleanse my mesh of the peanuts at that time. They routinely fall off anyway and have to be rejoined (the only devices that I ever have to rejoin).

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I seem to recall that you had the 6 solid switches upstairs and probably all linked through repeaters. I have a small mobile home and can't get them to stay connected to repeaters. I moved my hub to the far side of my mobile home and they still wind up directly connected. I believe they work much better through a repeater due to wake-up signal strength. Just a WAG.

My hub is in the center of the house. All but one of the switches is within range of the hub. I have never seen one of them connected to the hub. In fact, they were some of the first devices I tried to connect when I switched from ST and were very difficult to get to join. I have 4 of the switches within 10 feet of the hub and they are solid, but I have 2 Samsung plugs in this area as well. One other thing I found that helped, was resetting and rejoining every time a switch didn’t respond on the first press. Some probably took 10 or 15 tries before they were reliable. It seemed to depend on the device they joined through and that’s why I singled out the peanuts as problematic with them.

OK, I'll keep resetting them. Not really a big issue as I kinda got used to double pressing them.

Walmart has them for $18.99.

The two "open box" smarts I ordered off eBay were delivered today, and look brand new - even have the battery pull tab still in place. They started right up, and I was able to include them without any issues. All buttons respond per Device page. Now to figure out how to incorporate them . . . .

Another seller has them going cheap on eBay. I just bought the lot of 4:

I posted in the original Lightify 4-button Switch thread that these work perfectly on my new HE hub that only has end devices and repeaters (no peanut plugs!).

FYI: The seller accepted my $18 offer on the lot of (4) on eBay. So, they seem fairly motivated to move them.

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Check them all - every button push/hold/release. 3 of my 4 are not functional! Guess that explains the cheap price . . .

Contacted the seller, and he immediately issued a full refund without even asking to send any of them back. A gentleman indeed. Even followed up with a phone call. I doubt that there is anything shady going on, and just bad luck.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to check them out asap once they arrive.

Out of curiosity, have you tried re-pairing them? There’s a certain magic sequence that has to go off perfectly for everything to work properly, if I’m remembering correctly. I can’t remember what it caused to not work correctly, but it might be worth a shot.

I found out that wasn't actually the case when all of mine paired without issue to my new HE hub (with no other devices on it when I paired them). They work well with Sylvania and Samsung plugs, definitely not with Peanuts.

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I have 2 Sylvania 74099s in service, so I know the deal.

Nope, these were defective. On the one it would not recognize pushing button #1 - no push, no hold, no release. So therefore was not even possible to do a reset after the initial pairing.

On the other two, the detent/click on button #4 was almost impossible. You had to fiddle with it to click.

So not worth it to mess with them right out of the box . . . .

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Try resetiing it. It fixed that problem for me