Sweet Jesus - do the new Schlage drivers make a difference or what?!


If I were to guess I would say that the batteries completely dying for an over extended time (as in longer than a normal unhook the battery pack change batteries and plug back in) caused your device to have trouble with it's mesh routes, and I would assume it would come back after a zwave repair and give it a few days to settle back down.


I'm hoping this is the case.


4 days ago I changed the batteries in my BE469 (they were at 58%..not dead) Now I'm getting the same intermittent response and reporting issues. Up until I changed the batteries it was working without issue. I have done a Zwave repair once a day for 2 days in a row and the lock is still not reporting consistantly. I'm on a C-5 hub with firmware


I’ve noticed a downturn in my connectivity and responsiveness since .123 as well. I am rebooting (shutting down, unplugging, waiting for 30 seconds and plugging back in) every 12 hours, otherwise my locks are falling off the network again (inaccessible and incapable of receiving commands from HE)


Yikes! With the battery reporting 89% on my SharpTools dashboard for the past several days, I was really shocked to see that old red "X on the display when I tried to lock it from the outside. And, sweet old Alexa told me it was locked when it was in fact unlocked.

The batteries were depleted.

Anyone else getting a surprise like this?


All 3 of mine are working fine, although I'm a bit curious after I replaced all 3's batteries with Lithium batteries (which I believe Schlage does NOT recommend) all 3 have stayed reporting 100% for over 2 months now.