Supported TRV heads

Hello, I would like to know if Hubitat supports any other thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) heads, in addition to the (very expensive) Fibaro.

Sorry, but I see you've had no replies after about a day. Personally, I don't know what a thermostat "head" is... Can you please clarify? If you mean the thermostat itself (device that's mounted to your wall, that controls your furnace, AC, heat pump, etc), there are many options. What do you wish to do/control, and what functions should it have (heat only, heat and AC, heat pump, humidity measurement, humidifier or dehumidifier control, etc.).?

Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus work great for me using this driver:


Thank you Madcodger. The thermostat head is the device placed in the TRVs for controlling the flow of water going into the radiators.

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Thank you for sharing that. How long time have you been using the Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus? What about the batery life, how long it lasts?

Meanwhile I have 3 of them, I think the first one is doing it's job for about 1 year now.
I am using rechargeable Eneloop AA-batteries, once charged the TRVs will work for at least 2 months.

Thanks for the information. I think 2 months is a very short duration, I was expecting at least 1 year!

Thanks. And at least you have some conversation now. I haven't had radiator-based heat in many years, so I'm no help (although I loved it when I did). The last thing even close for me was back in the early '90s, when I used a German-made mechanical valve to control individual room temps based on temperature in a baseboard heat system. It worked perfectly and is still in use today by the folks who bought that house, but I've no idea of the brand I used back then.

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I saw a thread somewhere about a Tuya TRV, did not read it but did got in to see what a TRV was. A quick search for "Tuya TRV" will give you multiple hits but I have no idea if they got it working or not. It is a Zigbee device FYI.

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Thanks guys. I'm interested in any electronic TRV head with the following characteristics:

  1. Compatible with Hubitat (of course!)
  2. Long lasting battery life, at least one year.

Thanks so much for sharing this, the price is good, I had a quick look and it seems it uses ZigBee.

Other people talking about it:

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A few of us are using Mark's driver for the Tuya TRV

I only got the TRV today and gave it a fair bit of bashing and it's all working well so far. I'll be able to report in a few weeks/months any issues and how long the battery lasts

I gave up on any specific smart Trvs and instead use ac thermal actuators.

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