Support Non Existent via Email Tickets

Anyone else notice the lack of support, they have ignored multiple tickets

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Are you contacting support through the Support portal? (


We no longer use email for support. As @aaiyar said, use, or ask questions here. Staff routinely monitor this forum, and often other users can provide a needed answer.


So no one had the thought to update the auto response?

" Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. This auto-reply is to let you know that we received your email.

For resources and information to assist you with your Hubitat Elevation, please visit us at

Also, be sure to check out our community for fast and friendly guidance from our members at

If you need to make a warranty claim, please visit the following page to complete the submission form:

If you are a current subscriber, thank you for your continued support. For any questions regarding your active services, please visit the following page:

Hubitat Support

Hubitat Inc. | Follow us on Twitter

Customer Support Services

Hubitat Inc. | Follow us on Twitter


If you have any suggestions that can further clarify the message, please let us know and we would be more than happy to update the auto-response.

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"We received your email but no longer use email for support. Please contact us via the forum...."


*had the

I see I'm not the only one that encountered this issue. See ticket-

It's an easy fix, just update your auto responder for to advise your users to go the the forum for help, and that directly emailed tickets will no longer be answered.

Probably a mailer at the time you decided to do that would have helped, and maybe a reminder in your mailings on how to get support would help too.

I've been working in support desks since '94, and owned a company with 150,000 subscribers ( so managing support issues is my background. I would like to see Hubitat gain all the success they want as I currently own and use more than 14 hubs.

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This here pretty much tells you what to do. It's pretty clear to me..

That said, you still haven't said what your issue is..

I think the issue they were raising here was that they found the support auto response email to be confusing. Whatever triggered the issue should maybe be in a different thread if they still need help?


I totally disagree, and I think you're missing the obvious hole. This kind of response is standard, in all support@ emails. It indicates nothing to the fact that my email will be ignored unless I go to that location.

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Correct, not going to say what my issue is now here on this thread.

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My guess is that the point of contention here is the second line in the first blurb of that screenshot...

If I got this email, I'd read that and assume my "received email" will be responded to eventually.

IMHO, what's missing is a clear statement that you won't get a response via email, and that you must use the support.hubitat or community options.

Without that clarifying transition, the second blurb instead just reads as boilerplate "visit us at..." kinda stuff that shows up at the bottom of typical auto-response emails .



Then why post anything here? If you have a problem with support, email them directly. If you have something you want the community to comment on/help with, post here - the community forum.

But what is the point of posting to the community, then saying you don't want the community involved?

Anyway, good luck. Not trying to be combative, rather I just see no point to the thread so I'll bail out now (muting thread).

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Does it matter what the denominator is? In other words, in the last four months if two (or three) people found this confusing, but 150,000 understood it to mean the email was received but they should seek out support here in the discourse community or the support subdomain of the website, is that good enough?

Or is even one confused user too many?

Not trying to be contrarian. I’m genuinely curious. I don’t work in tech support, or in IT at all actually.


Adding to what @coreystup wrote...

What @bravenel stated
Staff routinely monitor this forum, and often other users can provide a needed answer


I agree. Please start a new thread for your support issue.

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My apologies, I may be missing something here.

My assumption for the entire point of this thread was that the way a member gets help i.e. emailing support no longer works. The auto-responders message is vague and possibly causing confusion so maybe should be worded differently. To me this seems like an appropriate thing to discuss irrespective of any hub/device issues.

So IF emailing customer support no longer works, then emailing them to bring up this issue probably wont work either? :exploding_head: