Support for Modern Forms Ceiling Fan Control

I noticed there is now support in Smartthings to control these RF and WiFi controllable fans but it uses a logon to your Modern Forms account. Being new to all this, I assume this means all the control is going across the cloud.

I would love to start my first HE project. I have never developed anything on a smart hub but have been developing software for a little while. I obviously want local access control over my ceiling fans and figure there should be a way to either capture the 315mhz signal from the wall remote or, much much better, talk directly to the fan over IP.

Beside the bigass fans, I think these are some of the best controllable fans on the market right now (with DC motors).

Anyone else looked at these? I searched and didn't find any mention. Thanks.

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There's actually a really great controller from Hampton Bay. It is zigbee and pairs directly to HE with a native driver that supports the fan capability.

If the ST support is through a community developed DH then you may be able to easily convert it to run on HE. You might also want to check with the manufacturer to see if they have an API that would allow you to control it locally.

Thanks Ryan. That controller doesn't handle DC motor ceiling fans as far as I can tell and doesn't support the six speeds these have. Great for retrofits but they won't work on the newer ceiling fans.

Hi zarthan. The support is native in the modern forms app and there is no DH as far as I can tell so nothing to Port.

I did contact modern forms to ask if they (will) have Hubitat support and they said not right now. Hopefully they will add it. I will ask them for the API

Once I have the fans mounted (we are in the middle of a big remodel), I might use a network monitor to see if I can figure out the network traffic. Hopefully it is not encrypted and the commands are relatively obvious.

If you can control it in ST, there has to be a DTH for it. Is it a native ST integration?

In the Smartthings app, you pick add then all brands then modern forms then other and it will ask you to login with your Modern Forms account which I assume will pull up your registered device. I guess this means there is native support

I tried to add the device manually in Smartthings (since the fan is not mounted yet) but I could not find a device type for. I guess I will have to wait until it is hooked up and see how it is represented once added

I have two of these fans being installed. Would love to see where this goes.

OK, I finally had a moment to pull the remote control unit that goes in the fan from the box and stick it in an outlet...
Wifi showed up in the App and although the Android registration seemed to get stuck on selecting a WiFi network, the IOS version allowed me to join the fan to Smartthings.
Looking at the device there, it showed up as type "placeholder". Not promising.


The light (even though I don't have a light kit on it) shows up as a separate device, also as a placeholder device

Not sure what I can do from here or if there is a way to get to the device code

I noticed there is custom support in HA here:Modern Forms Smart Fans - Integration - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community Apparently a simple rest service would work

A little progress. I send a POST command to the fan at
http://{ip}/mf with the json payload of queryDynamicShadowData:1 and it returned the current status. Sending it {fanSpeed:3} seemed to change the fan speed.

The first command returns this
"clientId": "MF_XXXXXXXXXXXX",
"lightOn": false,
"fanOn": true,
"lightBrightness": 45,
"fanSpeed": 2,
"fanDirection": "forward",
"rfPairModeActive": false,
"resetRfPairList": false,
"factoryReset": false,
"awayModeEnabled": false,
"fanSleepTimer": 0,
"lightSleepTimer": 0,
"decommission": false,
"schedule": "",
"adaptiveLearning": false
so it doesn't seem to hard too guess the other command.

Big thanks to the HA code linked above.

Now I just need to figure out how to turn this into code to actually do this in Hubitat

Bookmarked. I have an MF fan so I'm very interested in your work, 1info.

Thanks, me too!

It will be a little while unless someone jumps in. This will be my first device code and I don't have a lot of time at the moment

I just got my HE up and running Monday, the only thing I have grasping for dear life on SmartThings is this fan...I'll try to be of any help, but I really don't know my way around coding...or I've forgotten most of the things I learned about coding in college lol...

Welcome to the forum and HE. I am very new at this too and have had no time to look at it. Both my fans work through the Modern Forms Apps but some day I would like to get them working in HE as well.

OK, be gentle everyone. Here is my first attempt at a device driver for the Modern Forms Fan

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I uploaded a newer version, bravely calling it 1.0 to the same location.

Please load the driver as described in the readme and let me know how it works for you.
It now supports fan speed, direction as well as light on/off and level and it reports the sleep timer values (no way to set them yet as I need to find a way to provide a good way to let you select a value)

I will definitely give this a shot, probably won't get around to it until this weekend but I'm excited to get everything off the ST hub and have one less thing throwing signals around my house lol. Thanks for your hard work, I'll let you know how it goes...I've never done anything with device drivers so it will probably be a learning experience for me lol

Thank you, 1info. This is fantastic. I've only done some cursory testing and automations, but it works well. The only thing that I miss so far is that I am not able to add the device to Google Assistant. Shows up in the list to authorize, but doesn't show up in Google Home; assuming GH doesn't detect it as a compatible device.