Sunsa Wand - Simple Smart Blinds

I saw some people posted that they have corded blinds (to tilt them), and therefore thought the Sunsa Wand solution would not work for them.

The good news there is an option to convert your corded blinds to tilt blinds, and it is pretty straightforward to install.

The title mechanism converter is around $7-$12 and will work for mini-blinds and horizontal blinds, if you have vertical blinds no luck :frowning:

Happy to help guide people through this or answer any questions and look forward to working with the Hubitat community more!

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@danabw added here :slight_smile:

Sounds great as an option w/your blinds menchanism.

Do you have a PDF or page on your site that illustrates how the conversion is done? Picture > 1000 words. :slight_smile:

And does this affect the abillity to pull the entire blinds up/down using the other cord on the blinds?

@Sunsa has been unable to post as he's a new member - here is the info he wanted to share.

Installing on blinds with a corded tilt mechanism

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How would these integrate with Hubitat? Is there a documented, local API? (Cloud would theoretically work too, but your interest among users of this platform will be diminished. :slight_smile: )

For now, this would integrate with our Cloud API, our goal is to make these available locally as well and has been heavily requested!

Converting from corded tilt mechanism to wand does not affect your ability to raise the blinds up and down with the other cord at all.

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I am trying to upload an image to show the steps, but I can keep getting a message saying I can't embed media into this post :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, that's a new user limitation...@bobbyd, can you release the hounds so that @sunsa can share some images with us! :slight_smile:

Add my name to that request list. :slight_smile: Really must have local control or I will have a very hard time geting the wife to approve using this option. She trusts the cloud even less than she trusts me. :wink: Please work w/your team to prioritize local access/API.

That said I am very interested in your blinds device, as it might solve another issue w/my wife, which is still wanting something hanging down from the blinds that she can touch/initiate physically. That is important to her (and thus to me). :smiley:

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I'm in once you get local control figured out. Looks like a great product!

+1 on the local control. Looks interesting.

I would be interest in local control also.

Can you share the pics yet? If you can't post here, maybe you can post a link to the pics.

@bobbyD - did you enable @Sunsa's account to allow uploading images?

I found this Sunsa Wand - The World's Simplest Smart Blinds | Indiegogo

There is a video (very short) about 1/2 way down the page that shows the conversion process. BTW - avoid the "sales" video (first one on the page) - it's terrible :laughing:

Website is here:


Thanks! I'd been on their site but didn't find the video about the conversion for corded blinds...@sunsa said he had some pics as well. :slight_smile:

FYI - I'm looking for the process to convert corded blinds to use the Sunsa wand. That was what @Sunsa brought to my attention in another thread, and why I asked him/her to start this thread.

I don't see any video on the page you link to that shows how to convert a corded blind to use Sunsa.

Thanks, been there, nothing on the corded blinds conversion, all they have is how to use it w/blinds that have wands.

Very interesting, I've several applications but would want local control as well.

My bad... sorry about that. Missed the "corded" part completely :frowning_face:

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I've never made a mistake or missed anything in something I've read in my entire life, but even so I will accept your apology.


I can't post images or links, my account is still under lock-down!