Sunsa Wand Local API

So there was a thread that was closed last Septemperish (2022) about the Sunsa Wand.

In the thread it was disclosed by Sunsa that they were working on a local API that could be used with HE. I have looked and googled my heart out, but I can't find anything that says there is now an API that can keep all of the control local for the Sunsa wand.

Is there any update? I bought one wand on speculation that it would become possible to have a local API and would love to integrate it into my HE and buy a few more.

How goes it Sunsa?


Have you emailed their tech support to see if they have one out yet? There are 2 currently good options (I use both). Both are supported by Hubitat.

The iblinds v3 (z-wave)

The E-Wand (zibee)

Yes, and they answered me directly. I asked their permission to post the answer I got.

Thanks for your suggestions, I have 11 blinds that use iblinds v3, but I have a couple of miniblinds that I don't want to change out for 2" blinds (as would be required to use iblinds) and one very narrow blind that cannot use iblinds.

The e-wand looks like it would work for you then. Though if you have google or alexa you could create a virtual switch on HE to open and close it via that.,

The whole reason I changed from Smart Things to HE is for local control that doesn't stop when the internet connection goes down. Therefor anything going through the internet a'la google or alexa is right out.

I may try an e-wand as well, but it looks like it is pretty large in diameter.

A little thicker than a double a battery.


We have been working with our chip manufacturer to support the new matter standard that will also allow for local control :slight_smile:

We don't have an exact timeline, but we believe it will be done latest Q1 of 2024


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Thanks for replying! I look forward for your support of Matter, keep us informed!

This might be an option for you....

you would need the soma connect or soma U1 usb stick to control them.

Hmmm, looks interesting. Claims " * Local HTTP API for DIY integrations". Anybody integrated this to HE yet?


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