[Release] Soma Connect - Shades 2 and Tilt 2 Drivers (Updated Jan 2023)

[Release] Soma Connect - Shades 2 and Tilt 2 Drivers

To use:

Copy and paste or import the driver code from the links below.

Add a new Virtual device and select the proper driver (Shades 2 or Tilt 2)

You'll need to know the IP address of the Soma Connect device. It would also be recommended to set a static IP address for your Soma Connect device.

To get the mac address(s) for the Shades and Tilt devices. paste the following command into a browser, replacing the IP address with the IP address of your Soma connect.

              http://IP address:3000/list_devices

I believe these drivers should also work for the older versions of these devices. The only exception would be the "Set Morning Position" command that moves the blinds/shades slowly and quietly. I do not think the older hardware supported that option.

This is now resolved with Soma Firmware 2.2.9 (Sept 2021)
**Known issues** - When the stop command is used, the position does not get updated. --Soma is working to correct this in a future firmware release--

Drivers updated Jan 2023 - Now supports Soma U1 usb connect device

Soma Shades 2 Driver

Soma Tilt 2 Driver


Both drivers are now updated with improvements for Soma Firmware 2.2.9. The new firmware is now available and can be updated from your phone app. The new firmware resolves the issue with the position not being updated when the stop command is used.

Driver Version 1.6 now available for both devices:

1 - Changed the "Morning Position" command to "Set Morning Position" You can now use the option to move the Blinds or Shades slowly anytime to any position.

2 - Added the option for info logging

Do you need a Pi for each device, or can it work with several devices?

It can work with many devices, The only limitation would be the range. It uses Bluetooth from the Soma Connect (pi) to the devices. I get good range from a raspberry pi zero W, so I only need one. You can add more if needed.

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