Shades - beaded cord

I have some shades with a manual beaded cord.

Any Hubitat friendly ways to automate them?

I found Soma Smart Shades 2 ( which look like they would work to control the shade, but not sure if they’ll integrate with Hubitat?

  • any other devices to look into?
  • is there a way to integrate these devices?


Axis Gear

Here is a link to a community driver that works well. [PORT] AXIS Gear Blind/Shade Driver - #53 by cofin

And link to the topic

I believe Zemismart also makes one that would be compatible but I don't have any experience with that one.

Thanks for the response. Is the axis driver for certain devices, or is it to be used with the Soma device I linked?

The Axis driver only works for the Axis Gear motors as far as I know.

The Soma page mentions " * - Local HTTP API for DIY integrations" ,under the options for controlling the shades. I haven't seen an app for them, but it looks like someone could possibly write one.

Looks like there is a topic on those: Hoping to connect - Soma Connect Shades - #8 by gadgetcrat

You can use this, there is a community driver available ZIGBEE 3.0 Smart Rope Motor DIY Smart Chain Roller Blind Shade Shutter Drive Motor Power By APP Alexa Google Home Control|Home Automation Modules| - AliExpress

Just an FYI for anyone that is interested. I have released a driver for the Soma Shades and Tilt devices

Zemismart AM43 will work just dandy with that and pairs directly to hubitat