Suggestions for motion sensor that detects people (avoiding false detection because of wind)

Have you tried using the Deepstack AI integration with Blue Iris? I found it works near flawlessly. Here's the tutorial I followed to get set up - Blue Iris + Deepstack BUILT IN! Full Walk Through - Go from beginner to expert in one video. - YouTube

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Cheers @chris23. Interesting.

The iris V2 sensor are great, but they are sooooo sensitive. I find the iris v3's to be a little better for outdoors. The Hue outdoor sensors are expensive, but very good, and have adjustable sensitivity. The Homeseer floodlight sensors, mentioned above, work well also.

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my hue outdoor motion/multi doesnt fire with anyone other than the dog or people. wind does not set it off. but it is under a slight roof over the front door in both houses so that may be why? it is zigbee and i have it paired direct to hubitat not to the hue hub.. they are pricy though.


This one? Hue Outdoor Smart Motion Sensor to trigger lights with movement | Philips Hue US

yep and battery so far even in cold has lasted over a year.

also interestingly enough the light detection/lux does work ok .. this rule fires occasionaly then my wyze camera films some weird critter in the middle of the night getting spooked when the light goes on.. then in the morn the dog has a fit smelling it and barking.. lol

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These Visonic MP-840s are not only pet immune but have a sensitivity jumper that allows you to up the motion count before it will register as a triggering. That jumper often does the trick if you really have a problem with falsing.

Visonic has been in the forefront of making alarm system motion detectors that you can live with...meaning, all attempts to minimize falsing in real world settings such as the one you present. No guarantees but they are cheap enough to try. Wish I would have bought a couple more given the seller is overseas in the country that Visonic started in (before they were bought out by Tyco). Shipping & Customs was not a hassle, just took a bit.

Smart ZigBee PIR Motion Sensor MP-840 K9-85 SMA VISONIC 2.4 GHz ZigBee | eBay < Ebay

One other idea, I have put the sensor you have in a piece of PVC pipe for weather protection. 2" PVC w/ a "bell end" houses the sensor perfectly; and then leaving a bit of the pipe narrows the view-port that is sensed. They act much more like beam sensors in that configuration. However, I can't see how that would work/look very nice on your porch wall.

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Similar to comment above regarding Blue Iris, here is another option I’ve set up using tinyCAM (runs on Android) which can report motion, person, vehicle, pet and face…

Another thing to consider is whether you can apply a ‘mask’ to the scene so that motion sensing only occurs within specified areas of the camera view, to avoid problematic areas. This is something many camera apps support. tinyCAM supports this too of course, as I’m sure BI will too.

I use BlueIris integrated with HE but have never figured how to setup the AI-based motion. Any pointers?

The YouTube video (by The Hookup) is a great starting point. There are pages and pages of discussion in the ipcamtalk forum (although the former and the latter think ill of each other, to put it mildly).

I was never able to control false alerts with PIR detectors but the Blue Iris + Deepstack integration to Hubitat as a pseudo motion detector has been near perfect. This is likely way more than the OP wanted, but, hey, it's another hobby.

I used 4 of the outdoor Hue sensors in the AZ heat, and am just waiting for them to get back in stock at Costco to add them to our new house in PA. Repeat business is my highest compliment.

The one sensor in AZ was pointing at a Palo Verde tree that swayed and dropped branches with mild breezes. I don't recall any false trips.

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Being lazy here (as this may be discussed elsewhere)

Has anyone worked out the range and beam width at X feet of range for the Hue motions?

I don't see it in their specs on the page linked above. Are they meant to be placed in close proximity to a passage way for light triggering, or do they take a reasonably wide and far look across an area?


I'm going to order one of the Hue outdoor sensors today (it will arrive on Sunday). I'll see how it does!

They hide this info, but 160 degrees side-to-side and 80 degrees vertical.

The vertical mounting height will determine your range. 7.5 feet (2.3m) seems to be about perfect to get optimal range. One video review said that the range was poor, but they tested it at waist height. With an above-door mount, 20+ feet is typical in my experience.

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the major problem with these is the temp sensor is not usable if you get any direct sunlight.. accurate other than that.

Thanks for that.

Positioning height is critical for the Visonic MP-840 as well.

These Hues seem pretty well weathered in. IP54 is better than pressing indoor units into outdoor service.

In my experience, any sensor that adds temperature as a secondary function suffers from some compromise. This is no exception.

There is a whole treatise on this in Weather circles :crazy_face:
I'm happy when I have more than two ZigBee devices reporting within 5 degrees of each other.


This is it. Thank you so much!!!