Zigbee Trip/Beam Sensor

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I'm looking for a battery powered Zigbee beam/trip sensor similar to garage safety sensors - does such a thing exist?

I've searched both the forums and google but come up empty. That said, I'm not even sure what they would be called (every combination of beam/IR/laser/trip came up short)

It's entirely possible they don't exist due to power requirements, I have no idea how much power the garage safety sensors pull.

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Not exactly what you asked for, but close....


Also not cheap. But nothing good ever is.

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I took my iris zigbee motion sensors and used some heat-shrink tubing to build a beam sensor out of it. And surprisingly enough, it really works well too.

I won't take full credit for this though. I believe @mike.maxwell was the first one to do this.


Thanks Jason, I had seen this before and was trying to figure out exactly what makes it different from a regular motion sensor - if you have experience with it, could you tell me if it has a narrow horizontal range (specs say 20°/90 so I don't know if it's adjustable)?

Basically I'm trying to create an an initial trigger to turn lights on in the bathroom for guests not to try to frantically search for light switches as they're walking in (there are already motion sensors for the lights but I can't angle them to turn on as people just step through the threshold without getting false positives from the hallway)

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Huh, I hadn't thought of that, that's actually very clever. I may give that a shot with an extra motion sensor I have lying around. Thanks Ryan!

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They are not adjustable. 20 degrees wide by 90 degrees angular from the sensor (45 degrees above horizontal, 45 degrees below horizontal). I think they have a drawing of the pattern somewhere in their support documents.

Like I said, I am just passing on @mike.maxwell's great idea. He deserves the credit for coming up wit hit in the first place. I had 7mm shrink wrap already, so I used that but I had to stretch it to get it to fit over the lens. If you're going to buy wrap, I would try something like 10mm.

Got it, thanks Jason.

Fair enough, thanks @mike.maxwell as well!

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Did you look into using the built-in 'Zone Motion Controller' app and setting it up with a False motion detection zone?

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Just to add this to this thread for future reference for others looking for an outdoor solution (that likely won't last forever but at the price of these Iris Motions it's not a show stopper).

2" PVC pipe with bell end which is just oversized enough to accommodate the sensor. Push the sensor forward, cap the bell end, cover the open end with something to reduce exposure (Plexiglas won't work for weatherproofing as it filters and/or reflects the IR). I am still working on a better bug/dust/rain screen. Ideas Welcome.

This 7" pipe limits the region viewed to about 5' at 12-15' away. Avoid pointing towards the sun and "sun soaking" materials like a brick wall.

Concept still being tested ...but for less than $20 I've got an easily concealed motion sensor at a remote gate. Oh, and temp & humidity as a bonus (cause it isn't sealed).

use this kit and hook it up to an existing garge door beam..

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