Struggling to install Event Engine from BPTWorld

Hello, regarding installing Event Engine, I have consulted the How to Install an App or Driver from BPTWorld instruction, and I am absolutely stuck. There is no "raw button" for Event Engine at the Github site. And althought there is a "code" button with an Https link, that does not work in Hubitat's package manager or when I try to use Import when trying to create a new app in Hubitat.

I must be missing something obvious here. Can somebody please offer me some help.

Thank you,

Install Bundle Manager from HPM, and then you can install any and all of Bryan's apps from there. You can find Bundle Manager in HPM via search:

Results: Click to install

Once Bundle Manager is installed by HPM click on Add User App at top-right of Apps page to add it to your hub's apps page:

If you don't have HPM installed, see this thread:

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Thank you. Installing Bundle Manager appears to be doing the's installing something anyway. Much appreciated!

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Make sure you read Bryan's extensive info on installing/using Bundle Manager. Post any questions to that thread for the best response/help.


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