Still Haven't Made The Jump

Still trying to further this Smart Home journey. One thing that is consistent, I am driving my wife bonkers.

I visited the forums here back in Dec 2018 ( On the fence, please push me over).

Since then I have used Alexa and most recently SmartThings. Unfortunately, ST is becoming more and more unreliable as the days/months go by. As a band-aid, I spun up Home Assistant with a HUSBZ-H1 stick. I really like the premise but I think it s just outside of my technical grasp.

So to my question... ST is no longer a reliable/viable solution for me or the family. From a difficulty perspective, is HE more or less difficult than HA? My automations are very simple today. Open a door, turn a light on. Open a door, Alexa says something. Presence detection with notification (Alexa and/or text). My automations may balloon into something greater but nothing near term.

Thanks as always. Although I don't currently own, I still read the forums here...

Like all of the journeys you've described, Hubitat during the first 3 days is a difficult journey too. :smiley:

It's got a browser based admin, so HA has trained you there. There are Apps and Drivers to 'install', so SmartThings has trained you there. But nothing trains you for where in the menus some specific thing resides. The first 3 days do that, get your mind and fingers finding where things exist. The importance is that a lot of the advice here is from people that are weeks into their journey and skip right over those first 3 days of memorization. We will say "take a backup" -- assuming you know where in the menu system that is. (Settings, Backup and Restore)

However, all you have to do is ask. There's easily 30+ people that will answer the "Where is Backup?" simple question. And you'll get an answer in minutes, occasionally less. :smiley:

The MOMENT you think frustration is above 2 on your scale of 10, it's time to post a question. :slight_smile: