[SPECIAL EDITION] Most Popular devices elevated by Community Efforts

+1 Ikea Shortcut button coupled with a firmware update (2.0.080). So far, the button doesn't burn battery and it works perfectly, thanks to @birdslikewires

+1 Google Home Community. I was able to expose my Sinope Thermostats that were not exposed through Hubitat version of Google Home. Thanks to @mbudnek and all the others that contributed!

+1 to Hubitat Package manager. I don't have to go to github everynow and then to check if a new update is available for our community driven packages. Thanks to @dman2306


This has been great!


Iris V1 Keypad! It is something I had wanted since moving from Iris, and it finally was done this year.


Google Home Community and Hubitat Package Manager.

GHC is perfect. I try to avoid dashboarding, GHC is great for interaction with my smarthome (alarm, open door notifications, temperature control, light, etc).

HPM is just great for installing and keeping community stuff up to date

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Honeywell Integration Driver and App maintained by @brianwilson

So nice to be able to use all my alarm contacts in integrations and not have to buy a bunch of sensors. The response time is rediculously fast too.


NHL Game Day Live!

I would agree that the "Hubitat Package Manager" is best third app.

As pointed out above, a lot of us are ignoring the title of the thread.... Devices not apps... :rofl:

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My apologies :slight_smile:

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Thanks for flagging gametime I would have never known about it if it was not for this post.

Not just you, about half or more of these suggestions are apps.


Myself included! :rofl:

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I was never an Iris user when it was a thing. But since its demise, I have collected many Iris components for my Hubitat (mostly motion sensors and door contacts). Just yesterday, I received an Iris security starter kit which included the V1 keypad. Finding out there was a community driver available for it made me so happy!


My home is elevated by having an NHL virtual device that flashes a bunch of colorful lights and plays a goal celebration. A virtual device is still a device, device states matter!

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Ah-devices, my bad.

Ring Alarm systems via the "Unofficial" Ring Integration that allows interoperability with them.

Google SDM still counts though as it's a app to bring in devices like lifex is a device.

It allowed me to use doorbell rings to do lights shows at Christmas and Halloween. And allows me to control my heating.

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Other - HPM

Hubitat Package Manager followed by unofficial Ring Integration which I used to turn on my front porch light if motion after dark.

Thank you everyone for your participation. This thread will now be closed, but don't forget to vote for the Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat in 2021, before January 14th 2022:

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