Sonos Move

I have Sonos Move and trying to get HE to discover in SONOS apps.
I tried almost all options without any luck in discovering my Sonos move.

I'm able to see in the UPnP mobile app and it show.up in seconds.
Any reason why HE doesn't provide any IP manual way of connecting to Sonos?

Can someone please let me know what else I can try for my issue.

I waited almost hours and still doesn't see.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should be able to install one manually.
Go to devices, add virtual device.
Change the provided device network id to the speakers ip address in hex.
So would be
192 =C0
So you enter and save C0A80130 as the device network id.
After that, click save settings and the speaker should initialize.


Hi Mike,

I will give it a try on Sunday and let you know the outcome.
Really appreciated on the help.

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Hi Mike,

I created the virtual device and put the IP(HEX) in the network id and selected as Sonos Player as type.
It worked beautifully.
Thanks so much for all the help.
Really appreciated.



many thanks

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This works well across sub networks.

Ie Hubitat is on 10.10.10.x

Sonos is on 192.168.1.x

As long as FireWire rules are in place to allow Hubitat to connect to Sonos


Thanks a million for this post Mike. I now have my two Sonos speakers that I was about to list on eBay WORKING with Hubitat! Yeah! Something finally clicked in my old brain. You are amazing sir.

Thank you! I just bought a Symfonisk at Ikea today hoping for a better TTS solution (because Chromecast doesn't stay connected and then loses all my speakers and subsequently breaks my automations, and I'm not ready to bite off figuring out how to add the 3rd party Echo Speaks). Plus, the words, "not cloud dependent," were ringing in my ears. But, as luck would have it, I got home all excited and was quickly let down by the Sonos Integration which would not find my speaker -- even though it works fine with the Sonos App on my phone (I even tried factory resetting it and re-adding it using a wired LAN connection instead of Wifi (connecting it to the same ethernet switch as my Hubitat). The Sonos Integration Status, Application State, lists this value for sonoses: {uuid:RINCON_542A1B63A22401400::urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:ZonePlayer:1={ssdpTerm=urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:ZonePlayer:1, port=578, ip=C0A80194, ssdpPath=/xml/device_description.xml, ssdpUSN=uuid:RINCON_542A1B63A22401400::urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:ZonePlayer:1, mac=542A1B63A224}}. But, that's as far as it ever gets. However, following Mike's instructions I was able to manual add my Sonos via the virtual device immediately. :partying_face: I am not sure what the issue is, but it would have saved hours of my life and greatly reduced my blood pressure if this information was available in the Hubitat help documentation (I did not see a section in there for what to do if discovery fails). Anyway... HUGE KUDOS to Mike Maxwell! :sunglasses: