Sonos - Ikea


As far as I know only from the Sonos app. But I don't own sonos. But you don't have to have a streaming server for it. You can just use a samba share.


A streaming solution would be better as I'm looking to control speakers from our mobile phones using an app to stream the centralised music collection. Our collection is too large to fit onto phones!


Using the Sonos app doesn't mean the music has to be on your phone.

As @frits said, you can export your music as a SAMBA share from your NAS. It will be picked up by the Sonos app on your phone, allowing you to set it up as playlist.

You can also control Sonos using node-sonos-http-api


Thanks for the extend to my post @aaiyar

@chrisBM, the Sonos app doesn't even steam the music from you NAS to the speakers. The speaker will connect to the NAS share and collect the meta data of your folders/files. That way you can see your music in the Sonos app on your phone as if it is on your phone. But in fact the files are only on your NAS. The app just simply send commands to your speakers to play a certain file from your NAS on a number of speakers. The speakers will then read the files from your NAS and play them locally on the speakers. That's why the speakers will continue to play music even if you turn off your phone.


so they do work for TTS ?


In the vein of @frits & @aaiyar as far as I can tell, Sonos doesn't speak DLNA. However as pointed out, it can see SMB shares and it has a Plex plugin, so if you're running Plex on a NAS or server, you can stream that.

What I found doesn't work is playing off my Plex server when the internet is down. The Sonos interface doesn't appear to be entirely local, and will not work offline in my experience. I haven't found a work around for this.

And yes @stevebott123 they'll work as TTS destinations. They show up in the Sonos app, and can be added right to the Hubitat Sonos integration.



now to sit and wait 8 weeks for them to show up on my island..


I just use smb sharing to share my music to Sonos, and that continues to play when my internet is off. I haven't tried starting it without internet.


Thanks @frits, I'm kind of discovering streaming as I go along picking up new knowledge and only though that dlna was the streaming identification protocol. I've checked our local ikea and there are over 50 in stock... Trip out today!


Yeah...that's a good point. I suspect that would be true for Plex as well. I may have to test that.

Makes me wonder if the Sonos api app could get around this if you passed the URI to a local playlist....


node-sonos-http-api can do this using a favorite or a preset.


Thats what I was thinking of. Id just need the URI for a Plex Playlist I guess... Might be worth playing around with.



Had trouble ordering remotely. I'm back in town, but wondering if I should wait a few days when I'll be near IKEA anyway or pay the $10 shipping. Is this a time limited price I should jump on, or simply the IKEA Family price? There's still 94 of the black in stock. Looks like first day sales were relatively rapid, but now it has plateaued a bit.


I'm never near the ikea. $10 would be less then I would spend in gas and time just to go there. I did get my shipping notice today. It's suppose to arrive tomorrow.


Yes, but I am. My doctor's office is very near by. Is this special pricing right now?


I don't think so. I think it's right where it's going to stay.


Got mine this morning. Sounds pretty good in the bedroom. Especially after I tuned it.

I love having airplay 2. All of my speakers are hooked up to airplay 2 and it works so nice in the house and yard.


What do i need to be thinking about when you say tune?


While setting up the speaker it will ask you if you want ot do trueplay tuning. I usually skip this at this point and do it later in the options so that I can hear the before and after.

The after had a much better sound.


Ok, so too bad for me without any Apple devices then :sob: