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There were 77 at my local store last this afternoon, there were 20 of the black ones. I was going to just buy them in the store, but when I saw how fast they were disappearing, I ordered them for pickup, and manage to snag two black ones. We'll see if theyre really there tomorrow. It's called "Hood"bridge for a reason...



Ikea really does not understand how some things work. If I order one online and choose at home delivery the cost is 3 euro. If I order one to pickup at the store I have to pay 10 euro. :upside_down_face:


Lost revenue fee.

They know you're going to come in, pick up your stuff and leave...without walking through the maze of stuff everyone else is they're punishing you for that lost



I was actually heading there tomorrow to grab one. The numbers haven’t budged much so hopefully they will still have tomorrow afternoon.


That must be it. But wow sad...


Off to Ikea tomorrow tempted to pick one of these up along with loads of other random bits I don’t need



OK, my .02.

I originally planned to use these for TTS, and now. Not so much.

I find them to sound a bit more like my Play:3 than a Play:1, and while they don't have as large a dynamic range as a 3 or 5, they sound quite excellent, with a noticibly better bass punch than the 1's.

I have a fairly open plan family room, with a Play:5 and two Symfonisks all along one wall spaced 8+ feet apart. There are two distinct "seating" areas in the room, so now, wherever you sit, two speakers are to the left and right of your sitting space. Grouped together and playing the same track, they sound fantastic when set to the same volume level.

Are they Play:5 or Amp quality? No. I'd say they are a little muddier than a Play:5 and Amp or Connect are very dependent on the music source and your speakers, so that's impossible to rate.

For my purpose (relaxing music while I read or do home automation stuff) they're perfect. And the WAF is stratospheric.

The Play:1 is getting relgated to TTS duties, and at $99 each, I expect a few Play:1's might be getting retired, or relegated to the adult children that periodically darken my doorstep....:grinning:

No regrets on this purchase.



Can you say SYMFONISK fast three times?





HaHa I thought so.


Nice! Thanks for the feedback. I really wasn’t expecting much better than Play:1 sound quality. That’s really encouraging. Hope they aren’t all gone by the time I’m able to get there, but I think they will be unfortunately, and I will have to wait a while.

[Edit] 22 of the black sold in the last 22 hours


Sorry your store sold out so quickly!

My store had 77 on Thursday night, but by the time I ordered, they claimed 20. The website still says 20.

Best trip to that madhouse I ever made. In the front door 9 mins after opening, sharp left turn, short walk through the empty checkout area, 2 mins at the pickup desk, 2 signatures....grab the boxes by their cleverly designed handles...thank you very much....and out the door. 5 mins all told!

Honestly the only time I've ever been in there where I felt my money was well spent.



I ended up ordering it online. Shipping to me was 9$ To Pickering from North York. The website was weird though. I had to try multiple times and it eventually let me order for shipping.

Cheaper than me driving up there. Picked up some extra repeaters as well for the zigbee mesh.


Thanks. I would have ordered for delivery too. It wasn’t letting me either. Maybe there’s still a possibility for that then? I’ll try.


I couldn't order online yesterday. But it worked today. $9 delivery.


Hopefully it works now. It says available for delivery from North York. For 9.99 shipping it was a no brainer. Suppose to arrive Wednesday via fedex.


Does sonos and or the ikea varient speaker versions support dlna for standard streaming via any chosen app or do they only operate o. The sonos app? I'm looking to create a music server on a qnap raid unit to enable round house streaming