Sonos - Ikea




Speakers look nice, lamp looks ... different. I think I will wait to see what the reviews are for the sound.


I'm not crying over the lack of microphone . . .


From the article:

"If you wanted to add a Sonos speaker in your bathroom but didn’t want to spend $200 on a Sonos One, you could consider a bookshelf speaker to hide in a corner. It might not be as powerful as a Sonos One, but customers will benefit from more options."

When did the Sonos One start costing $200? I've gotten all of mine for $179/each. The Sonos Play-1 is now down to $149 pretty much everywhere I've seen.

$99 for a Sonos compatible speaker doesn't seem like that great of a deal to me.


The Play:1 speakers also show up from time-to-time on the Sonos refurbished products page for $119 as I recall.


I never, EVER buy Sonos refurbs. I've gotten burned on 3 of them over the years. So, now I just wait for them to go on sale if I ever need one.


That's good to know. I've only bought new ones. The shelf speaker does seem to have some interesting mounting options. I do like the regular Play:1's compactness , "humidity resistance" and great sound though.

For the $50 price difference you are probably right, not as good a deal as I thought originally.


That's what I'm thinking and we all know how much I love Ikea's electronics. :wink:


Thanks for the tip, I haven't bought any refurbs but was considering it to add Sonos to a couple of lesser-used bedrooms. With the price difference so small, it's probably not worth taking a risk.


The first refurb I got (this was about 2 years ago maybe?) died in the first 48 hours. Sonos then took 4 weeks to get me a replacement. The second one had it's WiFi chip burned out in about 2 weeks, again, a 4 week turn around for a new unit. The 3rd one was DOA on arrival and rather than wait another month, I just got a refund on that.

So, yeah, I've just bought new and figured the "extra" cost was for better QC. LOL


I'm thinking $99 each for some dedicated TTS speakers without any microphones or Alexa/Google/Siri integrations is pretty great, but since I'm anti-voice control, I realize I'm in the minority here!

Sonos quality sound, cheaper than Play:1 units, wihtout waiting for a SONOS "sale", or having to buy a multi-pack to get a decent price? Count me in for several. I'll use the $50/spkr savings to buy another PLAY:5 at a later date.



I'm waiting on a review for that. If they are on par with the Play-1s, I might pick up a couple to augment a couple of areas in the house.


In all honesty, I just want a couple for TTS...probably 3 actually. One for each floor, solely for announcements...doors, alerts, etc.

So, as long as they sound at least OK...I'll probably like them just fine.

Funny thing is, I loathe IKEA generally, but I'll make an exception for Sonos speakers...the lamp But the Speakers? Yup.



It’s nice that they have airplay 2 built in as well. I currently use that around my house. I may grab one to play with.