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Thats not a apple specific function. Tuning is part of the sonos app. Its a sonos features so the speaker tunes itself to your room and gives you better sound.

The airplay 2 feature is apple specific which I use throughout my house.

No trueplay is not available in the Android app because the mic in the android phones are all different sonos can't make it work on a level they desire to be minimal. So that's why only apple devices have trueplay.

Oh that sucks. Cuz it did make a difference for my two devices in terms of quality.

Maybe next time you have an iOS friend over install the app login and do it quickly via there phone.

That means you may have to hang out with a iOS user for a bit. :slight_smile:

Yeah, fortunately my whole family in law are Apple fanboys/girls. So i'll be alright. :joy:


Well crap. I'll have to get the Mrs to run that on her iPad...thanks for the idea @gavincampbell!

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Just picked mine up last night. Setting up today. Hoping AirPlay2 will allow me to play via Symfonisk and AppleTV 4 (connected to amplifier) at the same time. Does that work?

Yup. I have about 8 airplay 2 devices in my house. From my phone I can send the audio to any combination of them. They generally keep in sync but ever now and then drift out of sync but doesn't happen often.

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Hello: A general SONOS Question:
Does anyone here have a SONOS Beam? (That's the soundbar version)?
Do you connect it to your Google Home?
Can you use it as an input/output speaker for Google Home?

Yep. Just tried, but the slight delay is enough from Symfonik to Apple TV 4 as to make it unusable in the same room. Would be fine if the speakers were in separate rooms far enough away, or the Symfonik is out on the deck, which will most likely be how we use it in that scenario.

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Actually it’s also not letting me use Trueplay on iOS 13. Going to have to wait and use my wife’s phone.

[Edit] Forgot about the old iPhone 5 I have. Agreed, it does sound much better after Trueplay tuning. Remember to disable compression in the Sonos app if your network can handle it.

Didn’t realize you can do a sudo-group play with the Sonos speaker and Echos. Just start playing from the Alexa app to the Sonos, then switch playing to the Alexa group or speaker and it will come from all of them.

The Echo devices will be significantly out of sync from the Sonos, but it does work all the same.

Yes, but why would you ever WANT it to do that? Sounds more like a bug than a feature.

Freedom of choice

Ok... :roll_eyes:

You can definitely be free to have super echoing/out of sync sounds in your house I guess. lol

Obviously you wouldn’t do it in the same room. I also wouldn’t use airplay in the same room because the fraction of a second difference If you don’t like it and want to roll your eyes at it that’s fine. People can make choices and do it for the reasons they want to

Never said they couldn't...

You answered the question - it could be useful in different areas of the house where you may not notice/be ok with the sync issue. I didn't think of that. Thanks.

I just installed the bookshelf speakers for local TTS. Two minor points to add here;

The Sonos app does not work on Chromebooks, which is annoying since I use a chromebook as an all-in-one tablet for SH control.

If you're using Polly in your speech messages, the Sonos driver seems to have a ducking issue when it encounters a period. When switching from G Home to Sonos, I had to change periods to commas and the issue mostly resolved.

Not sure how this could be related to the Sonos driver, Our Poly implementation delivers an MP3 URL created from the TTS text to the Sonos device, the Sonos device doesn't ever see the the raw text...

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