Sonoff Zigbee Smart Water Valve

Hey Folks,

Anyone know if these will be supported? @mike.maxwell @bobbyD
Got 4 on the way to try out.



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Following as well.

Sonoff is one of the most popular brands in Europe and deserves native HE drivers support.


Ugh! Second season with Giex valve for the backyard and just added the Rain Seer valve for the front.

Not going to lie, though. If support is confirmed and these go on sale, then I will be forced to irrigate more stuff.

How is the Giex working for you? I have an Orbit but it won't stay connected... If these Sonoff's don't work out, is the Giex a viable option?

I have the Giex ones and although they have been working, they are not the best on batteries. Having to replace them every couple weeks. Got a Sonoff repeater about 4 feet away too that they route through.


The Giex has been a solid performer. I appreciate that you can set local limits for time and volume. It will turn off when the boundary conditions are met which helps to avoid various accidents - missed command, simply forgot to turn off, broken component in irrigation system.

My battery life experience was better than @chad.andrews. I ran the same set all summer and the valve was still checking in over the winter. I replaced the batteries for the new season.

Two cautions. 1) There is a "new version" of the Giex being advertised which I have not tried. 2) Packaging is not as good as Sonoff, so I received one damaged unit that I had to return.

They look the part. See tonight if they join up and if there is something existing I can use as a driver to control them


I've been looking at these but haven't taken the plunge yet.
I'm running standard timer ones at the moment and my thinking is fitting one and writing a couple of pistons to control them depending on weather conditions.
I'd be interested in hearing your experience with them.

I have been using this fine app with 4 giex water valves and 1 dome water valve

It works great for my needs, the author change a few things to make it more suitable to watering. Mine looks like this.

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Update, the valve joined up perfectly. It joined as a Device, obviously no driver exists for it yet. I switched to the Sinope water valve Driver and I can operate it. Battery is reading 100%, and open and close works. Maybe lots of information below to make it fully functional / develop a driver for it @mike.maxwell

Update 2, a few attributes are being skipped with the Sinope Water Valve driver, as expected. I would assume one of these are for the water flow. You can see the value increasing as the time goes on with the valve open