App: Switch Scheduler and More. (Schedule: Lights, Outlets, Switches, Relays, Sprinklers, Valves, and more..)

This app is for scheduling switches and/or valves but can be used for a lot more. Can add as many switches/valves as you want including; Lights, Night Lights, Outlets, Switches, Sprinklers, Relays, etc... Device must have switch or valve capability.
--Schedule and Turn On/Off switches for a run duration per days or every odd days.
--Schedule Valves Open/Closed for the same.
--Schedule by sunrise/sunset with +/- time offset.
--Option to Remote pause and turn off schedule thru a switch if needed.
--Manually Pause a single switch/valve only.
--Monitors total Switch On and Valve Open time and counts
--Option to select run only during certain modes
--Option to shut all devices Off at a specified time daily
--Use moisture or wet/dry sensor for sprinklers to pause schedules
Example app page:

App code can be found here: Copy and paste into Apps code page new app. Go to Apps page and add user App, add the app and configure, Name it, hit done. Can add multiple Switch Scheduler Apps with different purposes, just give different names.

Will entertain adding extra features upon request if possible.


I will take a look at this , the one feature that i would like to see for sprinklers is some kind of rain skip, based on the weather forecast, as an example if there is more then x percent chance of rain then skip..

I got this installed today and its set to run in the morning, one of the things that is typical for irrigation is to run every other day, with a 7 day checkbox you cant get that done , instead odd or even days work for run times.

Another idea would be to add a way to use a moisture content sensor or a rain sensor to either turn on a run or disable one.

I will add more as i think of them but like the layout so far ..

Thanks in advance ..

Moisture sensor "active" to Pause all schedules from running I can add. Although if the moisture sensor is in one of the sprinkler zones and it just got watered it would Pause all the others. I need to think about how to implement.
Is a moisture sensor a switch capability; On, Off? Or water sensor; wet, dry?

Every other day or odd/even is a good idea, Need to figure out how to schedule that using the 'cron' timing if possible.

Being this app is new, please monitor that it turns on and off as you planned for the first time.

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Added moisture sensor for sprinklers. If "wet" will pause schedules until "dry". Note that if this moisture sensor is in the watering zone then it will get "wet" and pause the rest of the zones.

I think a better fit for the app would be a more generic "disable with switch" option. A simple rule for turning on a virtual switch when rain is forecasted would fit the bill.

This can almost be done. The scheduler runs in cron which inherently always starts at the first of the month. So the miss is always around the month shift.

Its has that but is a manual operation via virtual switch. Not tied to any weather apps. But the virtual switch could be triggered some how in RM as you mentioned.

Added every Odd day option. Caveat here is on months with 31 days it will fire 2 days in a row, the 31st and next the 1st. If you have a prior version of app installed you need to remove app and re add after pasting new code.

The first job ran fine, I had each valve set to run for 5 minutes, valve 1 ran 4:57 , the other two ran 5:00 .. not a big deal but wanted to let you know

Cool, What device are you using to switch the sprinklers?
By the way, latest update has ability to pause an individual switch.

I have zooz multi relays for this application, I also am connecting them to my pool and spa heaters to control them but haven't finished that project yet .. using the connected temp sensors to get the water temp .

Will update the code base tomorrow..

Thanks for all the help ..

When will this be on Package Manager?

Figuring how to get Apps in HPM is on my To Do list

Added ability to schedule using Sunrise/Sunset time with +/- offset in minutes per switch or still have user defined start time. Apps code link in post #1.

This looks like a beautiful application with many potential uses. I have been pondering creating my own sprinkler controller but there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. My biggest question at this point is what switches/relays the community has found best suited and reliable for this kind of application? I would need 11 zones for my application. Because I use a pump operated well I already use a GE 40 amp smart switch to enable or disable that. It works great.

I am using this app with the zooz relays and works well..

Ohhh I like this, and could use this for my sprinklers. Is there a way to get my valves to show up in the selectable devices?
GiEX Sprinkler / Water Irrigation Valve

What capability do they show up as in Hubitat devices? The app uses "switch" capability.

They show up as capability "Valve". Is it possible to add this to your app? I think a few people in the HE group could use this as a sprinkler timer if it had that capability,

Looking into it now!

Awesome!! Thanks so much