Sold out everywhere?

Did I miss a memo? Looking to buy a HE for my mother-in-law and sold out everywhere. Something up?

Nope, nothing is up. ,:crazy_face:

Uh yeah...... but you're just in time for the C-7 release.


Besides the above, there basically was a memo about this, too. :slight_smile:

Still only know that the C-7s are coming "soon," but no word on exactly when or pricing (I'd assume similar to the C-5 if only because they're nearly identical, but maybe a bit closer to the list price then their near-perpetual "sale" price of the past if supply is still constrained...or possibly more if the 700-series Z-Wave chip is more expensive or if they incurred other expenses like certification; all just a guess).

In the meantime, the secondary market (eBay and the like) seems to have some new or slightly used hubs, though not all are cheap. :grimacing:


I was on eBay yesterday and saw C-5s going for nearly $200 (with BIDS!)... Later they made the announcement about the C-7. It almost made it feel like it made sense except that they would not have known about the C-7 yet. Oh well.

@dondo: So I guess it depends, can you wait for a newest one, or find an existing one elsewhere...

Yes, something is definitely up:

But as others have pointed out, hubitat has made announcements re: their supply chain disruption as well as plans to release the next version of the hub :slight_smile:.

I have set discourse to notify me by email if a new topic is created in the “announcements” and “release notes” sub-categories. That way I’ll know when new hub firmware is released or a major announcement is made (although the two recent announcement threads from @bravenel are not in the announcements sub-category, ironically :upside_down_face:).

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Clearly I'm not watching the right boards. Thanks for patiently explaining, all. I'll most certainly wait for the new device! :slight_smile:

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buy the C-7 and give your mother-in-law your current hub :stuck_out_tongue:



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