Hubitat Elevation Temporarily Out of Stock

Our business has encountered several unexpected events, a perfect storm, where a surge of orders and supply chain disruptions have caused the best laid inventory plans to meet Murphy's Law. We are temporarily out of stock of Hubitat Elevation.

More hubs are on order, delayed somewhat due to international supply chain disruptions that affect many different elements of manufacturing and distribution. In a few weeks we expect to be able to accept orders again. If you wish to be notified of availability, please send a note to

In the meantime, we have plenty of work to continue, with several great new features coming soon to a Hubitat Elevation near you. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and announcements. On a happy note, our production and fulfillment team gets a short break from their 6 days a week effort that's been ongoing since we launched Hubitat Elevation in January, 2018.

We do have hubs for those who need a warranty replacement, just not hubs available for retail sale. Again, this is a temporary situation and we are very much still in business and moving forward.


Wow :eyes:


If only Wink could have pre-announced their demise :bomb:, perhaps stock could have been boosted. But with the same 1 week's notice everyone got, I guess it's not hard to predict this result... in fact, I think some did. :smiley:

I'm happy with my 6 hubs and wasn't planning on getting another soon. :slight_smile:


The community growth has been amazing since the Wink fallout.. :partying_face: I love seeing the user count jump, and all the new people posting!


I have a few comments:

  1. Supply chain disruptions are a common problem at this time. Nevertheless, it speaks to the integrity of Hubitat's principals, and their commitment to Hubitat users to have indicated this issue to us.

  2. The large influx of users in May was unpredicted. Much like Wink's business plan (monthly fee in a week, monthly fee in 2 weeks, and now - no monthly fee at all).

  3. The continuous string of improvements in the Hubitat platform by itself provides an incredible degree of reassurance that the temporary unavailability of Elevation hubs is just that - temporary, and hopefully will be resolved soon.

  4. We should encourage potential customers to join the forum, describe their current hardware, so that the community can help them formulate migration plans. I found it to be very helpful to do so before I bought my first HE.


It's worth the wait. Although inconvenient.


I'm intrigued to know how many units have been sold to date. I guess me may never know


Is this a riddle?? The answer is easy: All of Them. :smiley: :smiley:


Feeling better now about paying full retail after the Wink announcement. I had mine in hand in two days. It was at the post office within two hours of ordering. Nice fulfillment, given the surge of orders.



Good to hear, I need another as a backup! Any chance of a 'back in stock sale'? :grin:

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Does this mean the C7 hub is coming out soon? :smile:

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Well, I am planning to buy the “Hubitat Elevation” hub for my Smart Home Automation. Could you please let me know, will this device work in country like United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Philippines?

Wow, I ordered mine just in time! Got it this past Thursday. Looking forward to stock availability so I can acquire a second for backup purposes. Just to be clear to other new people reading the thread, I don't feel there is a reliability issue with the product, only that our home is so dependent on automation that I want an immediate solution to get running again in the unlikely event of a failure. Well worth the money in my opinion, and in reality, a fraction of what I've spent on automation to date.


Hello -

Welcome to Hubitat. The Hubitat Elevation can communicate directly with z-wave and zigbee devices. A common zigbee frequency is used throughout the world (2.4 GHz), so it will work with zigbee devices in the UAE, Ceylon, and the Philippines.

Z-wave frequencies are region-specific. The UAE and the Philippines use the EU z-wave frequency (868.4 MHz), so the EU version of the Hubitat Elevation can be used with z-wave devices in both these places.

Currently, there is no designated z-wave frequency for Sri Lanka (Z-Wave Global Regions - Silicon Labs).


Thanks for the transparency. You guys are great and the product is also great!


Just moved into my new house and was looking forward to ordering one of these :frowning: Sad that it's out of stock, but that seems to be the norm nowadays with what's going on. Totally understandable.

I have plenty of smart switches to install in the mean time, but nonetheless, I will be ordering one when they come back in stock.


We (this Community) will be here and happy to help if you need it :smiley:


really happy to see this. I look forward to working with all of you.


Thanks a lot for the answer. Now waiting for device available in Market to buy.