SmartWings Zigbee Shade Dashboard Tile

@bobbyD , I posted this over in Custom CSS thread but started a new thread as it is more appropiate.

Definitely something amiss. It could be the driver not reporting states that the dashbord tiles need to see. It seems fine in the device page though.

I am using the Smartwings community driver.

Not sure if there is another that works with Smartwings, the generic one does not work for me. Even when I just put a new shade tile on my test dashboard I still can't change the tile, i.e no states just inherently in the off position, like when you add a new tile. Maybe I should reach out to support to see if indeed there is something broken with the tile and / or confirm what the HE Shade tile expects to see to make the colors change.
Edit, Mike is the Zigbee guru right?

Use the commands directly on the driver details to verify that the device reports current states as expected, if it doesn't then there's an issue with the device and or the driver and for sure the dashboard isn't going to work.

Commands look fine, unless there are more then is listed in this particular driver.

Odd thing is the icon changes on the dash board but not the colors. Here is a snap shot of some saved colors that are not showing up for "open". None of the saved colors work.

I see what you're saying now. I added a couple custom colors to the shade states in the template. It looks like the driver is reporting open/closed/opening/closing/partially open states correctly but the dashboard template isn't being applied. Is that your thought, too?

Yep, exactly! @mike.maxwell, looks like there is at least a couple of us with the issue, lol.

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Using the Generic driver & 4 brand new devices ! same problem.!

@mike.maxwell I think I nailed down the root cause! The template color editor reacts to the ON/OFF state, not the Open or closed state (for the shade below)

Even if it is the same driver, the Ikea shade has the ON/OFF state reported (second below) while the SmartWing does not.

Question - if the driver (Generic Zigbee Shade) react to the command (ON/OFF) why would it not report it as a status in the SmartWings Shade case? Thanks.


This is exactly what I was wondering, what states do the tiles expect to see. You'd think with shades it would be open and closed, but maybe not the case, looks like on off. Great find there @JM4522. Maybe the driver should be updated, or maybe the tile itself to react to the open and close.

Edit, I just fiddled with some code and the tile is indeed looking for "on" "off". Added in Capability "Switch" and a couple other lines to get the on off to follow the open close. Sure enough the color now changes.


Hmmm, there are distinct open closed color settings as well. This leads me to believe the tile is not functioning as it should, only the on and off part.

where to? in the Smartwings driver ?

Yep, the original Smartwings driver don't have it. Still don't understand why the Generic driver don't work.

@mike.maxwell will eventually see this thread. Maybe he will have an answer.

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I am seeing this with the Third Reality Shade as well. It doesn't follow the default color scheme of the Virtual shades, and I can't change it. This shade has no Switch capability either. If I understand, that is why it does not use the correct color?

Hey Guys, @mike.maxwell @bobbyD , could you folks take a look at the Shade tile with regards to the color templates not activating on the dashboard? I am using the HE Smartwings Zigbee Shade driver but the color does not work. It's been a long standing issue that appears to be still unresolved. Lots of reports of this throughout the forum. I am sure many would appreciate it.