SmartWings Shades

I am not finding a specific shade driver for Smartwings shades, which these can be customized with Zigbee or other Smarthome integration.

I know there is the generic Zigbee shade driver, has anyone successfully used the generic or any other driver with these shades?

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1 month - bump

I was looking at the shades and wondering if they could be integrated as well. Have you figured out anything on this or using the generic driver?

I haven't. I am hesitant to spend $400 on a 58" wide shade only to find out that the Zigbee from Smartwings doesn't work with the generic drivers.

I just installed two sets of Smartwings cellular shades. They work well with the Generic Zigbee Shade driver in Hubitat. They pair as an unknown device and the driver has to be manually changed.

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That (the driver selection upon installation) can be corrected for the benefit of future implementers. Just post the device fingerprint and tag @mike.maxwell

Here's the device data. Paging @mike.maxwell ...

  • endpointId: 01
  • application:
  • firmwareMT: 1002-0000-00000002
  • inClusters: 0000,0001,0003,0004,0005,0102
  • manufacturer: Smartwings
  • model: WM25/L-Z
  • outClusters: 0003,0019
  • softwareBuild: 00000002
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I just installed 22 of these in my home. Noticed that the Generic Shade driver doesn't implement a capability that can be controlled in Groups and Scenes. I'm still learning zigbee development but wrote this custom driver for the shades that implements the capability. I've been using Groups with all my shades for about 2 weeks now with good success. Still need to fix the battery reporting though :smile:


Thank you @mwh and @greg21

@greg21 Cool, I found your Github project over the weekend - not too many keyword hits for Smartwings! The Hubitat generic shade driver doesn't expose battery level, which apparently IS available via Zigbee as you found (and zigbee2mqtt supports). I only have a couple of SW shades deployed right now, but let me know if you need any help testing your driver.

I decided to buy one of these for my office as a test run for the rest of the house. They were a breeze to install, set limits, and pair and @greg21's driver works perfectly. Let the automation begin...

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What are the chances this works with the dual shades they make? SmartWings Motorized Dual Shades :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ha! I wish I knew these existed before I purchased two blinds per window! Based on the photos, it looks like the blinds have two motors with one front rolling and one back rolling. If that’s the case, then you probably register them separately. They should work with the driver but they haven’t been tested. If you give them a shot, LMK if they work and I’ll update the docs to include them.

I've got two pairs of their roller blinds and will probably end up ordering a bunch more over time. Really happy with how they work.

I see that they do outdoor roller blinds too and looking at them they look identical to the ones I have except mine have have a motor with a traditional 433mhz remote instead of Zigbee. I've been able to control them by learning the commands but I'm wondering if SmartWings would sell me just the zigbee motor for them? Has anyone asked about buying parts?

@mexpsdw - that is exactly what I've been looking for!

@jonathanb - They have an accessories page, the rollers are not listed there.

I would call support/customer service, tell them that you bought a shade without Zigbee and want to upgrade vs buying a whole new shade package. See if they will sell it to you directly.

FYI: they now have a Z-Wave Plus option as well.

I just ordered a dual roller. Chat support was very responsive (and human) here on a Sunday morning and they said the dual system just acts as two independent devices and the controlling app has to handle combining and/or coordinating (if you want that; I don't know that I care but it will be trivial in HE to create whatever interlocks I might want).

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Anyone have any opinions on the motor choices? The zigbee motor being the second most affordable seems too good to be true.

As a HomeKit/Hubitat user the only reason I’d go with anything besides zigbee is if the z-wave or HomeKit options were significantly quieter.

@RxRated I would assume the roller motor is the same, just the remote interface is different for the variations.

Support has been good, I would consider calling and asking them if there is a difference.

Help needed. I have 2 Smartwings roller shades with a strange behavior.

Zigbee, I've tried the Generic Zigbee shades driver and Gregs driver.

In Hubitat/devices/myshade the open/close works correctly, but with Alexa and Homekit the open/close is reversed. If I turn on reverse level in the preferences, then Hubitat open/closed is reversed and Alexa, Homekit is correct.

Any ideas?

I had similar issues with Homekit, made this driver so I had slightly more control over the inverting. I ended up enabling the inverting of both the commands and level to get Homekit to be happy.