[RELEASE] SmartWings Motor Shades

Driver for SmartWings Motor Shades.

Version 1.0.0



The SmartWings Motor Shades are zigbee capable motor shades. I recently installed 22 of them in my home and noticed there wasn't a driver auto assigned to them. While the generic Zigbee shade driver can run these, it doesn't implement a dimmer or switch level so they can't be grouped with the Group and Scenes app. This driver implements the SwitchLevel capability, giving it the ability to be added to Groups and Scenes. This also gives it the ability to be controlled by Alexa by exposing the Group to the Alexa App.

Currently Battery Level is not calculated correctly, I'm hoping to fix this soon but if anyone has experience with Zigbee bettery level reporting or group messaging, feel free to submit a PR.

There's an outstanding pull request to add the package to HPM, until then you can pull the driver code from:



This is awesome, I'm considering buying an outdoor shade.
Question, does this driver+the shades let you do a percentage open/close? e.g. 80% closed

Yes, it supports both setLevel and setPosition. setLevel is exposed through the SwitchLevel capability so it's available in Groups and Scenes. I can ask Alexa to "set living room to 80%" or "set living room to 80" and it'll close the blinds to 80% closed and list the blinds as "partially closed" for any kind of rules you'd like to trigger off of.

If you do decide to get some of these shades, I'd appreciate using the link to them above so I can get a free coffee.

LMK if there's any other capability you'd like me to add.


Perfect timing. I just got my first one in the mail today. I really appreciate your work on this.


Just installed the roller blind version in my office today. I found the driver on HPM and it works perfectly. According to the sticker on the box, my motor type is M25L/Z-1. IN/24

I'm looking forward to the battery level reporting. Fully charged, my device says battery : 64 (In the programming world is there any time where 64 would equal 100? 32=50%? Could it be that simple?)

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Hey @greg21 ... Just for giggles, I emailed Smartwings and asked for the Smartthings driver. They sent me this link to Github.

It looks like they've combined it with the IKEA blinds and a couple others, but maybe you can pull the battery reporting (or other good stuff?) from this? I'm not a developer, but I think the Hubitat drivers are very similar to the Smartthings drivers.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for finding this! I updated the driver to use their code and I’m getting a more believable number back. Can folks download the update and see if that fixes it?

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My battery is now reporting 100. I've only had them since Monday, so that's plausible. Thanks!

I did notice that the position doesn't get updated when the blinds move with an automation (but the level updates just fine). An automation will fail if it tries to set it to that position again. In my screenshot below, my blinds are actually at 15, but position and level are out of sync. I had an automation change them from 10 to 15. Now, if I try to go from 15 to 10, it fails because it appears to already be there. From WebCoRE logging: Skipped execution of device command [Office Window Shade].setPosition(10) because it would make no change to the device.


I’ll take a look. How is your automation working?

Automations work as long as it thinks it's not already at the position. I noticed it when the shades weren't opening in the morning.

I made a pull request that looked like it fixed a couple things, but my shade still doesn't show up in Google Home and now it doesn't work in the groups and scenes. Oh well. lol

Edited to add: I think I figured it out and made another pull request. :slight_smile:

I incorporated the last PR changes you put in @Equis and also fixed a few other issues here and there. Give that one a try. It should show as an update in HPM v1.0.2

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Just updated and the battery level seams to be updating on one of my shades that is not plugged in all the time, but the other two are always plugged in and they show 64 instead of 100.

Can you try pressing configure in hubitat on your blinds and then open or close them and see if the battery status updates?

Hm... Is there any trick to getting this to show up in Google Home/Assistant without adding it to a Groups and Scenes device? (I can close them using Groups and Scenes, but not open, which makes no sense. Setting the "Office Shade" to 15% sets the Office Light to 15% for some reason.)

Here's the log when I try to add the shade directly to Google Home:
app:235 2022-12-01 05:21:25.106 PM warn The following devices are not supported by Google Home and will be removed from your device list:[Office Shade]
app:235 2022-12-01 05:21:08.066 PM info updated...

It looks like Google Home can handle a blinds device and obviously a switch/dimmer, but it doesn't like it when I add the device to the Google Home app in Hubitat.

If Groups and Scenes is the way to do it for now, so be it. I may just have to rename the device or something. I'm just kinda curious how others are doing shades in Google Home.

It is now working. I think it just took some time for it to report.

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Hi, Trying to get my SmartWings blinds working with Hubitat and this driver. I installed the driver and then paired my blind. It appears in devices with Type of "SmartWings Motor Shades" but none commands result in any movement of the shade. I am new to Hubitat so maybe I am missing something basic. Any help would be appreciated.


Those of you using Smartwings @Equis , is the dashboard tile changing color for you? Using @greg21 driver.

They don't change color for me, but they appear to report correctly.

Same here, I have a thread going if you want to chime in to see if there is an issue with the tile.

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